Thursday, June 28, 2018

Random Photos Part Two

The smile on Blake Shelton's face is a man who is going to have his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani out of town several months a year.
Halle Berry at an event last night.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner (who probably knows no Bruce Springsteen songs) in Paris.
Angelina Jolie is all smiles in a sea of fascinators.
Kelly Osbourne has zero f**k's to give.
Kagty Perry taking a break in Ibithhhhhhhhha
Lily James on the set of her new movie.


Tuesdi said...

A little Blake and Gwen

s.s. said...

WTF with Katy Perry's breasts ? They look real in that pic, they seem to sag, whereas every other pic or video I see of her they look obviously like implants...

nonyabusiness said...

Angie looks malnourished.

Jean Grey said...

Halle Berry looked like Jane Fonda at a quick glance.

Thonker said...

@s.s it's called push-up bra

Brayson87 said...

Halle's sign should say "I choose crazy" which is still totally hot.

Dammit Joe walk to the left of the lady, your thumb over hers in a firm grip, Sophie can't sell it by herself. Nice JUUL by the way Sophie.

@s.s., Katy's breasts are magical and not of this world, they are not bound by mundane physics. ;)

Tricia13 said...

I ❤️The Enty shade with Sophie Turner. Nothing makes me more -sassed or hopeless,really, than when I see a person wearing a shirt/symbol of rock history and brilliance -that actually can’t name one Song by them and listens to Top 40/EDM.
Her shirt should read “poseur who bout this at Forever 21 as opposed to the actual gig (or worst case scenario)- a good thrift store.
cc: every girl in Hollywood wearing Stones/Floyd/AC/DC / The Doors/Ziggie Stardust (list goes on) Tee’s that still we’re werauing diapers 10 years ago.

Be original and you may go places..//

Flashy Vic said...


My 19 year old daughter is always trying to steal my old Rush, Sabbath and Hawkwind tee shirts. Fair enough she's right when she says I can't fit into them, I'm not quite as svelte at 55 as I was when I was 18 but by fuck I earned those shirts, I went to the gigs,bought the LPs, spent whole evenings taping the LPs onto cassettes for my cheapskate mates, spelt in pools of mud in the rain at Donington, mixed it with skinheads on Bank Holidays, I fucking deserved those shirts. I told her to get ta fuck! (only a lot politer or her ma would kill me)
But she sneaks in and takes them anyway when I'm at work. Now my original bought at the Hammersmith Odeon 'Rush - Permanent Waves' long sleeved sweatshirt purchased for four quid (£4!!! I near shit myself at such an extortionate amount back in 1981) well it now is ruined with make up all over the collar.😣

Tricia13 said...

YES to you all said Flashy Vic.... it’s not elitist,just reality. Nobody stood on line and sat in my seats when I saw my adored bands(Bruce Springsteen being a personal thing because while too young at that point,my aunt(very close to) used to get see support him at The Stone Pony in Asbury,NJ when he was a nobody.... I did the same for certain bands that I see on tees and I’m
Like-Fuckin Kendall Jenner-you never saw Radiohead’s Pablo Honey Tour/album or Oasis’ Heathen Chemistry-you were a zygote.
It’s just a thing with me... but then again, vapid is as valid does. I reckon Kylie Jenner’s daughter (or one of Kim’s ) will be sporting a Zeppelin shirt any day now....

Sd Auntie said...

Thought AJ was Chrissu Teigan. Katy Perry does not have implants.

Sd Auntie said...

I meant that Halle Berry looks like Chrissy it the weekend yet?

I really can't think of a display name. said...

So, Halle Berry is white now?

longtimereader said...

Tricia13 - I feel you but i gave up on that argument years ago, the fact that my faded ramones t-shirt comes from an actual gig from the early 90's doesn't impress anyone under 30.

Mad Hominem said...

Saw an episode of The Voice with Gwen and Blake. Blake chose a blonde, 16-yo country singer as one of his proteges. I almost laughed out loud and said to myself, Gwen, you can't be THAT naive...

Hope he waits till she's of age before he "mentors her."

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