Friday, June 29, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 22, 2018

This former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister is rewriting history. Yes, his family was upset about a marital decision he made, but they were more upset that he returned to his substance abusing/violent ways that made any kind of familial relationship almost impossible.

Johnny Depp


Low Key said...

I think EVERYONE got this one.


How long before Viking Song turns up to defend him? 😂

nonyabusiness said...

Lmao ^

J said...

Two kinds of people.

People who knew he was a dipshit 25 years ago,

and people who are just catching on now.

Viking Song said...

Leanne, I have criticised his booze and drug habit, which will no doubt cost him his life. I have criticised his inability to choose friends wisely and I've criticised his inability to take responsibility for his out of control spending. But I don't believe he is a wife beater. There is no evidence, but there is plenty of evidence that Amber, who was arrested for DV herself, has systematically lied.

Someone has to play Devil's advocate and the fact is that many of you have not bothered looking at the actual facts of the case. You also routinely ignore Amber's criminal past.

I comment on the blog most days on blinds about all people. Not just JD.

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Brayson87 said...

Never forgive him for what he did with Willy Wonka :(

Elephant Cat said...

Because NO one else ever defends Johnny Depp, so poor ol' Viking Song has to shoulder the responsibility and play Devil's Advocate.

Viking Song said...

On some of the blinds about him, yes, I have been the only dissenting voice, but I never claimed to have been the only person to have defended him. So there was no need for your snotty comment, Elephant. It's a gossip blog on the internet. It's not an actual court.

Unknown said...

I call BS on this. She's not called SCAMBER for nothing. Very sad how people so easily turn against a guy who's been around for over 30 yrs without 1 female accusing him of abuse and let a boring whore and her scummy pack of grifters mar his rep with their scam. Anyone who believes Amber Heard is a damn fool and time will prove that. Time will also show Depp to be one of thd finest, most creative and touching actors of all time. Enty's has a business to run and sells his fictional hit pieces to whoever will pay. In tbis case, probably the financial managers accused of defrauding and mismanaging Depp's money, just like Rolling Stone. There's a major trial coming up.

Viking Song said...

I have to agree, Unknown. We have entered a peculiar time in history where people believe anything they read on the internet without even viewing a single scrap of evidence. It's highly disturbing.

Even more curious is their fastidious support of Heard when the evidence is stacked against her. She refused to sit for her deposition. Her footage of Depp banging a cupboard (which isn't DV nor is it out of the realms of normal for an argument) was edited thus was inadmissible as evidence. She admitted she lied about the writing on the mirror. On the occasion the police were called, they found no evidence of DV and found her behaviour odd (she was shouting he was hitting her when he wasn't even in the same room as her). She only accused him of DV AFTER he refused to pay her $50'000 a month which even Amber's lawyer thought was excessive. There's also the damning messages between her and her make-up artist about faking bruises. Oh, I could go on but I've been told off before for posting "long posts."

The only person Depp has actually hurt is himself. It's a shame that he is vilified on the word of a criminal.

Cee Kay said...

@Viking I find it ludicrous that you can't even consider the possibility JP is a violent person. I mean, LOOK AT HIM FOR THE PAST 25 YEARS. Just felt the need to weigh in there.

YummyBoogers said...

Johnny has known to be destructive toward objects and sloppy, but not abusive and violent to OTHER PEOPLE. There is a difference. I don't think anyone is denying that JD is a drunken hot mess man child.

It can't be ignored that Amber HAS been charged and arrested for domestic violence, lied to the police, refused to have her deposition taken, and faked her "injuries" in an effort to ruin Johnny and extort him for money.

OKC Teacher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bianca said...

I have to admit that I agree that it is unfair to demonize a person based on the accusations of one person of questionable character. That said, it is completely fair for people to decide to break-up with an actor who has chosen to drop all pretense of relatability, responsibility, common sense, common decency, likability, and effort. Celebrities are neither our family members nor or partners, so people shouldn't be made to feel but so guilty at wanting the ones who have failed their audiences out of their sight until they have redeemed themselves.

bianca said...

Johnny Depp is free to be one of the youngest over-the-hill rockstars in the world. But if he wants someone like me to take his acting abilities seriously again, he'll have to work very hard.

Viking Song said...

I find it ludicrous, Cee Kay, how you can ignore a post listing some (I didn't even post all of it) of the evidence against Amber.

What terrible things has he done over the last 25 years that required you typing the sentence all in caps? Do tell.

Strange how before his marriage to Amber failed and the joke he cracked about Trump, I can't recall people screeching about him as if he were the devil incarnate.

If actual evidence surfaces of any of the accusations you and others have hurled against him then I will withdraw my support. So far, I've seen nothing.

DDonna Tarttty said...

His ardent support of the West Memphis Three was pretty revealing IMHO.

Viking Song said...

Initially I thought the same, Donna, but then I looked into the case. There's more evidence to suggest the step father and his friends were involved. The West Memphis Three are innocent. I don't like them. I don't think their behaviour in court did them any favours, but being a bunch of attention seeking edgelords doesn't make them murderers.

I honestly don't care if his critics on here don't like Depp as a person or as an actor, that's their opinion. The only issue I take is the accusations of him being a murderer, a wife beater and a paedophile. I

This is a gossip blog. It's not a court.

Hortensia said...

Amber Heard was described in one of the posts as a grifter. Good description. She's most likely narcissistic, and a psychopath, no conscience. Psychopaths, because they have no conscience, can read others extremely well, and use that skill to manipulate people, to their own advantage. That "bruise" she showed was self-inflicted. You notice it wasn't too bad, she didn't want to hurt her looks.

Viking Song said...

I can only agree with you Hortensia. AH has a long history of fraud, violence and theft. Unfortunately the Depp critics will not consider the possibility that she has lied or, at the very least, exaggerated events (which she's known to do) even though there is more evidence of that than there's evidence of Depp hitting her.

The level of hatred they feel towards him is frankly disturbing as well as the accusations they hurl at him without a shred of proof other than their "he drinks to much and he does drugs, so that means he's guilty" mentality.

This hatred did not exist prior to him marrying Amber, her smuggling the dogs into Australia or joking about Trump (which was no worse than the jokes the Trump supporters were telling about Hillary). And anyone who points this out are heckled for having the audacity to express their opinion like everyone has does on here..

Cuddlebutt said...

I've always liked Depp. He totally has his issues but the character assassination by Amber reminds me of my husband's ex. She is a malignant narcissist. The West Memphis 3 are innocent. And I'm glad he went to bat for them. The stepdad is a POS and has a fire pit in hell reserved for him.

Viking Song said...

Well said, Cuddlebutt.

Shame the original "hit and run" posters have failed to comment since.

Mango said...

I DGAF about his personal life. I find his performances cringe-worthy, gimmicky and at times insufferable. Mordecai, anyone?


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