Friday, July 13, 2018

Blind Item #6

I lose count because there are so many marriages, but I believe this is now two of the past four marriages in this reality family have been shotgun weddings which they go to great lengths to cover up, yet they still won't let my one and only favorite get married to the guy she loves because he has been married before. That is messed up.


Tricia13 said...



Patriarch Duggar's directives seem thwarted by Allah at every turn!

Don't revert, stay far, far over there.

Leanne Norman said...

Jana Duggar

J said...

Hillbilly trash.

Unknown said...

Who fucking cares.

Sara, Making It Work said...

You have a favorite Duggar?

plot said...

Everybodies favorite is Jana. Some like Jinger and Joseph almost as much.

Wait, Enty said last year that Jana wasn't living in The Big House anymore but in an apartment with her boyfriend who a minority.

So which?

Wendy said...

lol now they are shotgun marriages? I thought they were gay? Come on enty, you gotta keep your story straight here

Danilo said...

This family is crazy

Mischief Girl said...

"They won't let" Jana get married?

'Cmon, she has GOT to know that she'd get millions for a tell-all book if she married her love and fled the compound.

Someone needs to give Turd's wife, Anna, that same memo.

JimBoob is such a freak, and I don't mean that in any nice way.

Shawni said...

JoyAnna Duggar had to get married for sure. Her baby was born 7 1/2months after they were married. Kendra had her baby (they say) exactly nine months plus one day after they were married. Josiah just got married quickly, but thete is no announcement yet. I saw jana wearing shorts. I hope she gets her own life soon. Shes 30, how much longer?

plot said...

Joy's kid was born 39 weeks after her wedding. It's inside the Duggar parameters.

Oldest girls in large families often never marry and stick around as mini-mom for the family. The family would fall apart without Jana and cold fact is that she is not respected by her siblings for it, at all. She is mocked by them and teased.

Jana has seen the down side of marriage and sex more than any of her siblings who all fell for the "precious babies" and "living for your headship" business with gusto. Maybe part of her rebellion is to not enter into that bullshit at all. As far as the hobbies and interests that women are allowed to have (not that many) Jana has exploited them all when none of the other Duggar women have (except for Jinger dabbling in photography.)

Lately it's been noticed that Michelle is taking care of the younger kids more, and yelling at them a lot. She ain't liking it one bit but I wonder if someone, using scripture of course, Jana has managed to claim something of her own life with her garden, her baking and her solo outings around town.

plot said...

"...if somehow"

plot said...

Oh, and if any of them have been indulging in pre-marital romps it's John David who has been seen around town alone, with his intended, doing some very dirty things like grabbing her ass.

Josiah is a mini-Josh. Oh he might be gay, who knows, but only he was sent away for a year to live in a hilarious imitation of a military camp and, like Josh, had his head shaved for a while as a penance.

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