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Blind Items Revealed #1

April 9, 2018

Here's a blind about an action star from Old Hollywood, or to be exact - 70's Hollywood.

The real truth of this actor's mysterious demise at a young age is mostly buried due to the ridiculous lies told about the Actors life, and mysterious death.

I know this for fact as I'm working on a film about it.  It's a fascinating tragedy detailing the demise of a fascinating superstar. I'm sure everyone will guess who, but doubt they know the real story. There is a mythical "Christlike" aura spread about this actor. The Biopic film on the actors life twenty years ago was pure BS. There was some truth, and he was dynamic and talented, but the real truth and utter darkness has been sanitized.

This is a story about the relentless pursuit of fame, tremendous talent, and a dangerous man, who was most dangerous to himself.

Kick it back to early seventies. Bronson and McQueen were on the scene and Clint's meteoric rise was just jettisoning into mainstream awareness, but there was one star who was totally unknown to the public who was about to emerge in the biggest Action Smash of the summer. Everyone knows what became of this actor and his name today is legendary, but what most people do not know is what transpired behind the scenes while this actor was pursuing his dream of becoming the #1 Action Star in the world.

Like Clint, this actor emerged out of International films and became a big box office success.  The Actor was a physical fitness fanatic. He believed the mind can subjugate anything, including physical pain. He pushed his body relentlessly and was determined towards achieving his Hollywood goals.

The actor was a fascinating human being and was faced with tremendous setbacks, including one leg shorter than the other, Cryptorchidism, having ideas for projects stolen, and flat out racism. Some friends he left behind adored him, Some feared him. All told stories of a violent temper that could explode on a dime. He didn't like to be touched - ever. Do not ever lay a hand on him. There was an inner anger deep inside this philosophical dark athletic genius on the level of a Nureyev, or a Jordan. A deceased Oscar Winning Writer tells a story of the Action Star telling him, 'if you cannot hug a man, "you'll never be able to beat him in a street fight."  "You must love him to destroy him, but if you must destroy him, thank him first for allowing you to wreak havoc upon his soul." Without a doubt this actor was a very capable full fledged fighter, although never fought professionally.

Most described the actor as loyal and giving. Dynamic and impatient. Explosive and hot tempered. Renegade and Innovator. Insecure and cocky, while pursuing is dreams. Years of frustration and rejection fueled the actors anger. He was determined to show the world his art, his culture, and the action films audiences were currently being fed, were weak and banal.

After years of frustration and setbacks, and eventually great success in International films, Hollywood finally came calling, but the Actor was already living his life like a spiraling tornado of violence, not only inflicted on himself, but on others. After suffering a severe physical injury (self inflicted) the Actor took to Cortisone shots for pain management. This use of steroids added another layer of rage to the Actor's deep seeded anger. He broke out in acne and began sweating profusely. His hot temper flared. Coupled with the enormous strain and violence he placed on himself, and pressures to succeed, The Actor took to ingesting Nepalese hashish to calm down. To manage tremendous physical pain the Cortisone shots continued. Shot after shot. More sweating. The anger heightened, with no idea of the side affects of Cortisone, The Actor became highly concerned prompting him to remove his sweat glands. Both Apocrine glands under each armpit were removed. Even though the Actor was married, accompanying him to the overseas procedure was his new found mistress.

As the Actor moved into production on his first Hollywood film his weight fluctuated due to non-use and use of Cortisone, diuretics, and odd meals consisting of cows blood smoothies. He had physical outbursts at home. Physical altercations with many on and off set, including on the Hollywood Movie he was filming and even at his own home. He was becoming paranoid to the point of  purchasing a gun, smuggled to him overseas in a jar of protein powder. The Actor was a picture of health, and his physique was part of his dynamic package, but under the surface was another story. With the pressures of a grueling film schedule, all contingent on his success and dreams, an explosive outburst and pulling a knife on an International director.

The physcial abuse he inflicted on himself continued. Regular Cortisone shots, relentless and insane physical fitness routines, such as elctro-shock apparatuses to stimulate 100 push ups while resting, low body weight, diuretics, hash, minimal eating, fasting, and pushing his body to the exhaustive point of telling his wife "not sure how much longer I can keep this up," all led to a collapse on his mistress's bed, never to wake up.

Many mysteries surround the actors death, but there is only one person to blame.

Today, when you watch the legendary film, the opening scene, filmed some eight weeks before his death, a severe physical change is kicking in. Gaunt face and skin, low body weight, and you can almost see, death closing in...

Actor: Bruce Lee (Cryptorchidism) (removed his sweat glands)
Action Smash of the summer: "The Way of the Dragon"
Hollywood Movie he was filming: "Enter the Dragon"
Physical injury (self inflicted): "Good Mornings"
International director he pulled a knife on: Lo Wei ("The Big Boss")
Wife: Linda Lee Cadwell
New found mistress: Betty Ting Pei


andrea said...

Wasn’t this one revealed on reveal day..?

FrenchGirl said...

yet revealed

I really can't think of a display name. said...


That's what I thought too.

tinydancer61 said...


rinaisrad said...


Andi said...

Already revealed, during the last holiday weekend mass reaveal.

memyselfandi said...

Ok...thought I was going crazy.

FormerAthlete said...

I have to take issue with the steroid references. Cortisone is NOT an androgenic/anabolic steroid. It is a glucocorticoid steroid (widely known as a corticosteroid), which is an anti-inflammatory. While there MAY be mood changes with Cortisone,it would NOT cause the symptoms described. The acne and "rage swings" come from hormone disruption of ANABOLIC steroids.

Anabolic steroids effect testosterone--Cortisone is related to Cortisal. Increased testosterone is what causes the rage, acne, etc. Corticoid steroids would NOT cause the "roid rage" that is being described here. They are VERY different animals.

Side Effects of Cortisone: hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, amenorrhoea, cataracts, Cushing's syndrome and glaucoma...

NOT acne and "Roid Rage".
Looks like the author needs to do more extensive research for this "project" or it will be based on ignorance and bullshit.

Paul Saint John said...

Agree on steroids use. It's a miracle Schwarzenegger and Stallone are still alive today. The Rock could very well end up dead like Bruce Lee someday.

Spider Rico said...

Paul - The Rock will wind up dead. It's too much. Being in professional sports I've seen the damaging affects of both Cortisone, Steroids, HGH, Nitric and TRT. The Rock is clearly doing overdosing on a dangerous elixir.

Former Athlete - I'm also a former Athlete and yes Anabolic Steroids and Corticosteroids are two different things, but produce similar health risks. As in Bruce's case these risks were significant.
I've seen plenty of professional Athletes using Cortisone therapy for specific injuries which also resulted in mood swings as well as weight gain and loss, acne, thinning of skin, lipodystrophy, hypertension and depression, just to name a few.

Whether Cortisone or Anabolic, all have and will result in disastrous affects on the human body. Guaranteed.

Paul Saint John said...

The Rock is pushing 50 now he's 46 years old. Will he reach 50?


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