Monday, August 20, 2018

Blind Item #13

Interesting detail about the billionaire child molester blind item. The employee/whistle blower says the raped tween is from Iowa. The employee says there were several other teen/tweens but never had a chance to speak to them so doesn't know where they are from.


Tricia13 said...

Who was it Epstein?

Ophelia said...

Is this a clue or just an addendum?

Amy said...

It's always Epstein.

SteveD said...

Don't get the purpose of this other than to add texture/credibility to the prior blind. As if to answer how Enty would know what happened.

gauloise said...

Johnny Gosch was from Iowa, which was linked to the Franklin cover-up and pedo parties at the Reagan/Bush white house. (which is not a conspiracy, it was reported on by the MSM at the time)

gauloise said...

There was supposedly a pedo ring in Iowa that abducted boys with the police in on it that supplied the boys to high govt officials. One guy went to prison for it.

Brayson87 said...

Which billionaire blind was this?

Mega said...

The Gosch/Bonacci/Franklin allegations were most certainly a hoax.

MDAnderson said...

Nebraska Iowa and Kansas are huge human trafficking states

Unknown said...

Mega you are easily misled, my goodness, and by the NYT of all "news" outlets. Read the books. Read the documents contained therein. Look at the civil court case against Larry King and how he was ordered to pay Bonacci $1M. The jury did not see "hoax in lurid tales" in that case, did they?

gauloise said...

The NYT always tells the truth ;) ...And we are discussing reader submitted BI's

Larry King did go to prison over Franklin so it is not entirely fictitious.

I am not big into conspiracies, but I do believe there is smoke and fire in this one. There is a banned Discovery channel documentary on youtube from the time that is really interesting. I feel there is a lot more child trafficking than we even dare to imagine.

schweetyfleety said...

Isn’t Iowa experiencing a rash of disappearances?

Amy said...

The documentary on Johnny Gosch was fantastic but incredibly sad. I like his Mum. She has been labelled as mad but it now is starting to make sense.....

MDAnderson said...

I get it now. The Iowa jogger Mollie Tibbetts has been missing. It’s all over the news.

Ophelia said...

wait....he's not saying that there's a connection between Mollie Tibbetts and that f#cked up $hit right because...if so I'm speechless. Speechless because if not true then it's so messed up to create that connection and if it is truebecause that's so messed up.

BestMan said...

Welcome to rabbit hole hell.

MDAnderson said...

I’ve been trying to figure out the connection to Iowa and that’s my only thing so far. Im in a neighboring state and the story is huge here.

Velora said...

"19 boys and 17 girls between the ages of 13-20 went missing within a 10-day period in Iowa. Don't think it can’t happen to you. It's happening across rural and urban Iowa, especially in towns close to I-80."

This is probably why Iowa is relevant to the billionaire chomo. Mollie Tibbetts brought attention to the numbers of missing children. Of course, the media is trying to convince the public that this isn't anything to be concerned with - because statistics and averages...?

I don't care how you slice the numbers and serve them... that's still a lot of missing kids.

El Roy 13 said...

Look up Jeff gannon/ johnny gosch. I was a cspan addict during that era and would watch gwb choose him for questions, stupid, moronic questions. So when that link broke, it really felt true.

PS. Noreen gosch is a saint. She never gave up even after being labeled, "crazy," for seeking truth.

El Roy 13 said...

Research this guy John Zielinksy

There's a great doc on him too. I forget the name.

Do Tell said...

The New York Times should be taken with a few tablespoons of salt. The Kitty Genovese story is one example. They are no better or worse a than any other outlet.

plot said...

"I am not big into conspiracies, but I do believe there is smoke and fire in this one."

GOD! What is it about the Great Pedo Hunters repeating this sentence, over and over again?

I read this same template here over and over again.

"I'm not big on racism, but I do believe white folks have the highest IQs."

"I'm not big on fat shaming, but I do believe Lena Dunham is a sloppy pig."

"I'm not big on jokes about rape, but I do think Podesta needs to be someone's prison girlfriend"

For the love of DOG people! Demand new scripts!

Amartel said...

"I'm not big on fat shaming, but I do believe Lena Dunham is a sloppy pig."
Both of these things can be true.

Amy said...

I think Noreen is an exceptional woman. I admire her. There is a radio interview she did. I listened on YouTube for over an hour like a saddo but she had me engrossed.

Brayson87 said...

The mainstream press cares more about what types of bottles and straws people are using than the numbers of children that go missing. It's so disproportionate it can't be an accident. BPA and microplastics vs children being ripped away for torture and/or murder? They've got to be kidding because it sounds like a joke.

LadySabreX said...

I see Enty is trying desperately to convert us non believers with an update. Sorry Enty, not buying this LOL!!

Carolyn said...

Uh, the NYT was just reporting something easily verified - that a county grand jury found the stories unconvincing. I'm not sure where anyone would get "fake news" from that. What, exactly, is there to take with a grain of salt? This is a matter of public record. Look it up yourselves if you don't believe the NYT. The grand jury said a thing and the NYT reported it.

FWIW, a federal grand jury also concluded, separately, that there was no basis to the abuse allegations (this happened after the NYT story linked above).

In the end, someone did go to jail over this case - one of the witnesses, for perjury. Larry King (not that Larry King) also got indicted, yeah, but not for child abuse or devil worship or whatever - he was indicted for embezzling money from the credit union he ran.

This is all a matter of public record. You may disagree with the juries' decisions but why blame a newspaper for doing its job?

I don't even understand the point.

molly said...

Have read that Carlos Slim , a very shady Mexicon billionaire , has a controlling share in NY Times and is pouring money into it. Otherwise they would have already sunk.And being called a liberal rag is hilarious. They never met a war that they were not wild about.

molly said...

Oh . conspiracy theories...fact our FBI can tell us how many cars are stolen every year in the US. BUT not how many children go missing.That should be a red flag , if nothing else, common sense.

Tricia13 said...

Absolutely right Amartel.
Similar to most atheists who don’t believe in God, until they are in a foxhole.

Stupidpervs said...

Dang ..kindness blind then this ..

orangesoda said...

Well, Lena Dunham IS a sloppy pig. That has nothing to do with conspiracy theories, though. That's just a fact. I'm glad to see you stating a fact for once, Plot :)

IanPhlegming said...

Read "The Franklin Scandal" by Nick Bryant and you will learn the original investigator for the grand jury was killed along with his son and that one of the key teen witnesses was prosecuted for perjury and placed in solitary confinement for longer than any under-aged person in American history even as others backed up her story.

The reason so many kids out there are going missing is because the blood-addicted have seen their supply dry up with the border being closed down and human trafficking being addressed. If you live in a few Midwest states, watch your children closely.

tinydancer61 said...

The comments were coming along just fine...and then Plot shows up.

Jeff said...

In a two week period in July 2018, 42 under age children went missing in Iowa. Iowa only has about 3.15 million people. Generally speaking, we are the definition of fly over country. So how does this happen unless there is an organized pedo ring operating in the midwest?

We worry about foreign collusion in our elections, but we never consider the collusive acvities state-side. How can local and federal governments ignore these missing young people? Unless they are somehow involved?

Somthing needs to change. Politicians need to move on these matters or be prepared to answer at the hands of the people.

El Roy 13 said...

I'm not sure if it's still up or not, but Noreen's website, I think, had pics someone had mailed to her. Possibly of johnny (I'm sure the denouncers could find ways to denounce), nonetheless and irregardless, the pictures are horrifying. You cannot fake that fear. As f ed as it is, I do suggest you check it out. Just to know, it's real all right.

Thorne said...

Yes, Amartel, with you on that one. Fat shaming is mean, AND Lena disgusts me. She is sloppy. And Hillary putting her in front of me as a surrogate pissed me off no end. I liked Girls, but more in the cautionary tale, look at those self-absorbed twats kind of way, not the 'I want to vote like Hannah votes' kind of way. Effing tone-deaf, Hill.

Tricia13 said...

Stop making sense in the words of the brilliant David Byrne.

Tricia13 said...
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Chris Houston said...

Warren Buffet?

Tricia13 said...

Though I’m sure someone will show up between now and dawn (any/eveeywhere), to explain that human trafficking and pedo’s are pure fiction.
The countless young people disappearing had a huge desire to work for greenpeace and all took the same shuttle to the boat that left to keep the waters clean off the coast of Greenland . So excited they were,that they had no time to leave goodbye notes.

GentleBreeze said...

I could have been abducted by the pedo who assaulted me in an alley when I was six. No one around, his car right there. I think about that over 55 years later and become sick with fear. How easy it is to take these children.

Anonymous said...
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hunter said...

The Lincoln stories are absolutely not a hoax. Educate yourself and read all the books and extensive documentation going back to the 1970s. Not a hoax.

SteveD said...

I'd heard about the Mollie Tibbets case, but she's college-age and there's a sketchy local guy who might be involved there. I didn't realize Iowa had a recent rash of missing teens.

mike m said...

plot meets all the criteria for a Classic Shill, especially when it concerns pedaphilia

Unknown said...

Excellent point!

Bonby Haud said...

Probably tom Steyer this time. Epstein is now an informant

Amy said...

I saw the pics and I do think they look like him....I may be wrong. Worst thing and most telling is the mark on his arm. He has been marked. It's like these kids are cattle. They 'belong' to someone. So scary and sad.

Amy said...

I remember when I was 11 and walking to my friends house early one morning. A man with long greasy hair just jumped out of his car and tried to grab me (by a quiet park) I have never ran so fast in my life and yes, still terrifies me, so can you imagine these poor kids?

Amy said...

What people need to realise is that paedophilia is a HUGE money maker. Just like drugs. If you look at it from that angles, kids being snatched from quiet little places where the police are being paid off to keep quiet isn't so ridiculous.

Amy said...

From that angle*

plot said...


"being called a liberal rag is hilarious. They never met a war that they were not wild about."

Ain't THAT the truth!


"In a two week period in July 2018, 42 under age children went missing in Iowa. "

Source? Not finding anything to verify this anywhere.

"we never consider the collusive acvities state-side"

The hell we don't! What do you think Mueller's investigation is about anyway? How about the lawsuits against states for rigging elections and investigations into the relationship between our pols and money laundering? WTF are you talking about????

"plot meets all the criteria for a Classic Shill, especially when it concerns pedaphilia"

Nope just a person who would like YOU to be a little less ridiculous in your assertions. Is anyone who contradicts you a shill or a pedo?


"he countless young people disappearing had a huge desire to work for greenpeace and all took the same shuttle to the boat that left to keep the waters clean off the coast of Greenland "

Not finding anything about this either, though I bet the excuse will be it's been hidden by all manner of diverse playahs in Pedo Land. Am I wrong?


"What people need to realise is that paedophilia is a HUGE money maker."

Yes it is. There was a recent long thread on Reddit, a discussion between people who volunteer their time with victims of sexual trafficking. Fascinating, and far more enlightening then the Great CDAN Pedo Hunt of 2018. The volunteers talked about grooming young girls for the sex trade and how it's accomplished (though it could be anyone not just girls.) Revolting and terrifying because really it could have happened to any of us in our innocence of the world.

Child human trafficking is extremely lucrative.

If you would like, I'll put the link in this thread. The intention of the posters was to spread the word, far and wide, of how any young person can be manipulated, ANY child rich or poor, black or white, smart or stupid, safe family life or broken home...and to teach kids and their parents to be aware of the behavior of predators.

Amy said...

@plot you're right. where money is involved there is a high number of people who forget morals and will always choose financial gain over all else. That's why it's not suprising there is government involvement. Yes, reading some comments it seems so extreme and implausible but it goes on.

Amy said...

There have been cover ups for so many missing kids. Not in all cases but I do believe some where the police have used scape goats just to stop people getting the real scent of what is going on and then claiming people are 'mad' if they get too close to the truth and let's be honest, most of us would think, when a person starts going on about cover ups/government involvement, that they are a bit mental.

Amy said...

Thank you @Bonby. I had never heard of him.

plot said...

Most sexual traffickers don't snatch people off the street. They might spend weeks or months building up a relationship with the victim, to the point where the victim feels a greater connection with the trafficker than their own families and friends. Most victims are easier to control and easier to manipulate if they WANT to be there, if they think they are having sex, even raped, by choice.

Most often, the cops can't crack the veneer of loyalty the victims feel for their captors. It's not that the cops are necessarily complicit, it's that they have grown cynical about the chances of parting these victims from their manipulators, even after the kids have been sold, even after the kids are hidden and not allowed any freedoms, even after the kids suffer horrible forms of abuse.

Traffickers know what they are doing, unfortunately.

Rafael said...

Jeffrey Epstein or Donald Trump???

SteveD said...

So, Mollie Tibbets was found dead Iowa, not trafficked to a Hollywood sex cult.

I took a cursory look at the missing children stat, which was circulated on twitter. Apparently that includes kids who are runaways even when they were quickly found. The same kids can and do show up multiple times in the same month because they run away multiple times even though they are no longer missing. I don’t know that anyone has done the work to figure out how many kids are actually missing longterm as in vanished, and whether it represents any actual uptick in disappearances.

Cree said...
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Cree said...

(For any curious)
Washington times, 1989 ;

Washington post (april 1990) ;

Cree said...

"According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States -- that's roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child "stranger abduction" cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.May 8, 2013"


"While sex trafficking may not be the cause of every missing person case in either Iowa or South Dakota, it is a problem. The National Human Trafficking Hotline recorded 74 reports of human trafficking of all ages in Iowa in 2017 while 16 reports of human trafficking were made in South Dakota in the same year."

"Nationally, more than 8,500 cases were called into the hotline in 2017. A little more than three-quarters were sex trafficking; much of the rest was labor trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery that includes forced labor."

Cree said...

Fbi 2015 (second source)
"In the United States, an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year.
Federal Bureau of Investigation, NCIC.

This, however, is only a snapshot of the problem. In many countries, statistics on missing children are not even available; and, unfortunately, even available statistics may be inaccurate due to: under-reporting/under-recognition; inflation; incorrect database entry of case information; and deletion of records once a case is closed."

plot said...


Doesn't sound like a epidemic of missing kids in the USA, and certainly not in Iowa. Doesn't look like a hotbed of abductions to me.

Here's an interesting statistic from the USA article -

"More than 9 in 10 were runaways, and 1 in 7 of those youth were likely victims of sex trafficking, the center said. Of those, 88% were in the care of social services when they went missing."

That's a lot of permanent runaways coming out of foster homes.

The stats for missing children are always going to be messy since so many come home eventually or the custodial parent knows exactly where they are. Missing, as in really missing, is a difficult thing to define anyway. Take a gander at the girl, Emily Paul, in FLA who recently reestablished contact with her mother -

Since kids eventually reach adulthood, should they be treated as missing kids? I don't know.

Most kids are groomed to be trafficked and for some they consent to it for reasons of loyalty and the fact that the traffickers have convinced them that their lives are better this way, or that their families don't love them. it's horrible to think about, in some ways worse that the kids who are simply snatched, but many missing kids are complicit in their own disappearance.

Cree said...

@Plot What would you consider to be an epidemic in regard to missing children? A reminder that I made no comment other than "for any curious"

["The stats for missing children are always going to be messy"]

I agree and made sure to quote:

"This, however, is only a snapshot of the problem. In many countries, statistics on missing children are not even available; and, unfortunately, even available statistics may be inaccurate due to: under-reporting/under-recognition; inflation; incorrect database entry of case information; and deletion of records once a case is closed."

We have to use *something* as a reference, otherwise there's no point in saying anything.

(Correct me if any of these numbers seem off.)

Of the nearly 25,000 runaways reported to NCMEC in 2017, [3,500 more or less] were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, [3,080] were in the care of social services when they went missing.

24,570 endangered runaways
*1,350 family abductions
*810 critically missing young adults, ages 18 to 20
*270 nonfamily abductions
*Less than 270 lost, injured or otherwise missing children.

In 1984, John and Revé Walsh and other child advocates founded the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as a private, non-profit organization to serve as the national clearinghouse and resource center for information about missing and sexually exploited children. 



Cree said...

Really my intent was just to provide links for people to read themselves, I tried to keep the quotes "fair". The initial links were more for context on what was being discussed at the time. It's easy to find out how the cases ended up.

Anyway, post 1 continued. Feel free to correct any mistakes, I'm not perfect and there's a lot to go through when I'm on mobile:

2015 N.C.I.C reports for missing juveniles (21 or younger)

Total for the year reported: 442,442
Total that are 18 or younger: 438,229

9,326 circumstances indicate that their pyshical safety may be in danger.

5,137 indicated to be involuntary ie; abducting or kidnapping.

3,267 "others" reasonable concern for their safety

Just focusing on [5,137] alone is 14 kids a day that year. Even that to me, is too many.

The entire US population that year was reported to be ; 320,090,857. If you think of it that way it might as well be a drop in the bucket, but if you remember that they're children then that 5000+ is far too high.

Adding them up; 17,730 are thought to be in danger (i left out those with mental illness/disabilities). Around 48 missing children who are suspected to be in danger a day. (Only those who went missing that year)

This is just an estimate of American children reported missing and in danger, it says nothing of children being abused who haven't ran away. Slavery, murder, or rape all of these children need help and justice.

I understand what you mean in a way, but "give consent" and "complacency" in ones own abuse isnt how I'd choose to phrase these situations, especially when children are being misguided or decieved.

If you are not given real choice, how can you actually choose?

Cree said...

@plot I get the feeling you mean well, as do I. I do enjoy reading your responses even if I don't agree with you on everything. I'm usually more of a lurker and an occasional smart ass, but I do try and keep that out in serious replies.

I really don't know how they determine which of the 400k is at risk and which aren't. Even if the majority are runaways, I wonder what's wrong with our society that 400k+ are leaving home. (Not implying anything in particular)

Itttt said...

Post the link to the reddit please, plot.

Tricia13 said...

And plotless has no retort /snakeskin selling response because FactsDont Lie.

Except who you claim to be lol
We all that’s a lie ....

Tricia13 said...

We all know* MaryScott

plot said...


"If you are not given real choice, how can you actually choose?"

You can't. What predators tend to do is construct the illusion of choice for their victims, especially at a time in their lives when on the brink of making their first independent decisions (who to hang out with, what clothing to wear, what online forums to participate in.)

I don't know how they determine which of the 400K are at risk or not, either.

"his is just an estimate of American children reported missing and in danger, it says nothing of children being abused who haven't ran away. Slavery, murder, or rape all of these children need help and justice."

It's probably not remiss to claim that most rape and abuse of children happens in circumstances hidden from the Missing Children Database. If nothing else, the latest Pittsburgh priest grand jury indictment proves this. Who knew? Who was going to the mat for those kids?

Unfortunately, you and I are not trusted by victimized children (especially those in foster care.) They were told, often ordered, to trust an adult who brutally violated them. How are they expected to trust other adults? Everything is a lie, in their world.

I think it's very important we build a sphere of trust with kids in the hidden worlds of abuse first. If these kids know there are people who will fight for them, no matter what, the information could spread through circles of children like wildfire.

As far as the trafficked children, that's a bit harder but not impossible. As you noted, it's even impossible to tell which are victims and which aren't.

plot said...


Hold on it's going to take a minute (that I don't really have at the moment.)

plot said...

Okay, here's one interesting thread about the Pittsburgh Priests, and how they operated, from those with close associations -

Found it! Read the whole thread for some terrifying information about trafficking. But the one comment by Meduselde is very illuminating. I wish she/he hadn't deleted the paragraphs she/he wrote about the relationship between trafficking and porn that the boys of Reddit mobbed her/him for, thus the deletion. I would have liked to know more about that. The Reddit kids really really want to believe porn is a victimless institution.

plot said...


Meduselde put her trafficking porn connections later in the thread. Click on her/his name if you want easy access to all comments.


Here. Have a princess tiara. You are queen of CDAN. Happy?

mike m said...

plot has definitely never had any encounters with child predators.

Big Brother Big Sister type sponsors prey on children

Religious mentors prey on children

Acquaintance of the parents prey on children

Teachers prey on children

People on the street prey on children

People in positions of power prey on children

Fucking a lot of sick people prey on children and there is no excuse for it no matter how you twist it!

plot said...


"plot has definitely never had any encounters with child predators."

None that you would acknowledge anyway. You'd probably be first and loudest with the excuses for them.

Amy said...

Thanks @Cree, I found that very interesting. I didn't know the figures. I am quite shocked to be honest.

Cree said...

And at the end of the day Amy, as I said; we dont know how or why they choose to write some children off as "just runaways", we dont know the fate of these children, what happens to them once theyre gone.

What we do know is there's a problem. There are vile people who trick and kidnap children and exploit them. Murder, rape, prostitution, slavery, taken, lost, escaping a bad situation; all of it matters. All of those children matter.

If even one person takes something away from it then I think it's worth sharing. If all you can afford to do is even share information with other people then it matters. Too many people don't even do that much.

Cree said...

[Sorry, but I'm going a bit off topic now]

@Plot I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it again. I'm a victim of incestual abuse. The details are unneeded, but trust me when I say that I have first hand experience of where abuse comes from.

It didn't end there; blame me or not, I'm too old now to care what people think in regard to it. I had experiences with men taking advantage whom I encountered in areas where one would expect children to be. Ive been that child who was preyed on by a family member as well as aquintances.

I've seen adults prey on other children from teachers (and yes I do mean psychial) to adult "friends" of the family. Even sat there and had other girls tell me how they had been raped/touched upon by older guys.

There are strangers who go out of their way to make themselves aquintances so that it's easier to do what they want.

Just because it comes mostly from within personal/related social circles doesn't make other cases (kidnapping/trafficing) less important.

And before anyone questions it; there was a lot I reported that was excused or where punishment was minimal and there were instances where I had given up on saying anything because that's "just the way things were".

You'd be surprised by how many people either do not care or don't want to get involved.

@Plot maybe you know first hand as well and that's your business, but who cares what a few trolls might think about it. If it happened to you or anyone elsen then it matters. It never stops mattering, you just learn to live it.

Cree said...

@Plot Also, you're right. It's important that we let abuse victims know that there's a safe environment for these things to be discussed. When I was a kid, most people would hear nothing of it and I've even been called disgusting and had a bf say vile things to me because I myself am a victim of child sexual abuse.

We're all a handful of people talking on a website most people don't know about nor care about. It really says nothing of what we do outside of these discussions, but just being willing to discuss it *is* progress. It does help. You never know who is out there reading what you write. You don't know what they might take away from it and share with others.

Even if it helps no one, it doesn't hurt to just talk about it.

plot said...


Every word you write is big T Truth. My attempts to "report" (really it was simply wanting to talk about it with someone with some clout) were met with derision or aggression. That's the world of a child under these horrible circumstances.

One thing that MeToo has accomplished is that men have finally been asking women like myself, professional people who SEEM to have our shit together (HA!), what has happened to us. Expecting to hear "nothing" in reply (since that would fit their convenient pigeon holing), they are getting an earful. Sure, being men they try to argue down the instances, turn them into nothing. That's when lots of explaining has to happen, lots of forceful though patient explaining. The comfort of those who want to live in the dark about sexual assault and rape is not important. WE are important. That is the bottom line.

Interesting story - my brothers' favorite teacher in middle school and highschool was raping my best friend from the age of 13. This teacher was everyone's favorite, he was completely loved by the school and the students. He completely groomed her and suckered her parents into being ecstatic with his private attention to my best friend.

During a recent fit of praise for how great the teacher was by my brother, I had to halt his little hero worship, in front of his friends, with a truth bomb. After 30 years of silence because we girls felt like no one cared and we had to keep each others' secrets to survive, my brother totally malfunctioned! I watched him as his first instinct was to attack ME for saying such a thing. Oh he started - "it was different times!". The habit was well ingrained. Then he stopped and thought, I believe, about his daughter who just entered middle school. Yeah, champ, best believe me for her sake.

Boys were not exempt from being molested and raped by adult women either. That secret is buried further under lies society tells us. I've seen the horrible outcome of such abuse, no matter how many men would congratulate the kid.

All of us had stories. All of us had drunken family members around us who were never given limits and no one halted their behaviors. Everyone believed kids could be sacrificed ("they won't remember") to the powerful. Shit, we believed it ourselves. Not anymore.

Here, I don't often do this, but have some hugs. You're good girl.

Cree said...

[I wrote whats below before I had seen your third paragraph]

Sometimes things turn or feel personal here (from all directions) and I feel as though the message gets lost as a result.

It's interesting in general when someone who has never been abused/assaulted tries to rationalize scenarios. I had someone try that with me recently in regard to a teacher I had in middle school. I had to reiterate that "I seen it (the touching)". I wasnt even the only one to see it either. Just about every girl in the class reported this guy, he even had porn open in the back for all to see and they (school) still found a way to write that off too.

Telling people the truth and them looking the other way can be the loneliest feeling in the world.

Im sorry to hear about you and your friend. That line is something Im not fond of "it was a different time". I can't think of any time in the last 200 years where it was okay to rape someone or sexually abuse a child.

I think many people are scared. They don't want to accept the fact that they may like someone who's abusive. What does that say about them? They want to believe no one could ever get one over them and inoring the darkness helps them sleep at night.

I remember (and still hear) the "men/boys" cant be raped comments. I remember a boy in elementary asking me if it was still counted as losing your virginity if you couldnt cum. (He asked it after explaining his first time at a younger age then we were at that time. Maybe we were 8 or 9)

I remember feeling confused and I wasn't sure how to respond. In this case he had been with an older "girl" (teenager maybe, im not sure). He wasn't bragging either. The only other males I knew who had been molested as a child were related to me (or friends of the family), but they never brought it up and I didnt ask.

It really is amazing the amount of people who have been abused. Many even normalized it for themselves and in some of the instances, I did too. Not mature enough to be an adult, but being exposed to adult scenarios and trying to make sense of it all...There are things you don't even realize until you're much older.

Thanks for the hugs and I'm sending them back. We all deal with this in different ways, hell the ways we cope even change over the years.

Im sure there are others here who are victims or those who know victims. They might not admit it here, but I think that's part of the reason why people get so heated. Even if you dont know or have never been; no sane person wants to see children get hurt.

What's also scary is there is a lot of sketchy/weird things happening in hollywood and in politics. Not saying it's all real, but I have seen interesting information shared here.
Anything that helps people get interested or helps them spread awareness is a plus. It might start here, but if it causes someone to help irl it could save a life.

plot said...

I see your point. My problem is that a lot of people could be hurt by the Qanon, 4chan, Enty Pedophile hunt. Not even those falsely accused but the victims who will not be believed AGAIN because these false Pedo stories are gaining so much media attention and are bound to produce a giant negative reaction as a source of falsity. If Q and 4chan are saying everyone from Sally Yates to Stephen Spielberg is a pedo or covering for pedos, they aren't going to be believed and then neither are real victims for what seems like their outrageous claims.

While discussion IS helpful, seeking out pedos is not. While I completely agree that our culture has become saturated with some sick and ugly humor, that does not make the humor writers nor the directors pedos.

More people should be participating in movements that call out casual use of children as powerless pawns (in any way) in Hollywood or school or sports or any hierarchical system with lots of power flowing upwards. But playing Whack-a-Pedo does not accomplish that.

All I can think is that those who have been raped or abused might find some vicarious satisfaction in stopping a famous pedo. Lord knows, I've had enough fantasies about the public humiliation of the sick fucks I've known. Maybe that is an end in itself - to let celebrities stand in for those we want humiliated. I'm not a shrink so I can't tell how valid or healthy that would be. It doesn't seem so, but I really don't know.

At any rate, I'm so happy we're talking.

Cree said...

People are going to use what ever they can to push an agenda anyway. Enty will continue to post blinds; some true, some false.

I understand where you're coming from, but we're all just talking. Why should we even feel guilty for discussing things? I have no power to lock someone else up without due process, do you? Words have power yes, but how can you find the truth if you're too scared to have a thorough search?

Spielberg is a good example. I don't personally think he's a pedo, but if asked to take a stance I would lean more towards "unsure". What made Crispin Glover focus on him? Anti-semitism? Some hollywood rumor, personal vendetta? Or was he just a good example for an essay?

Is MJ innocent and naive? Or was he a grown man who enjoyed holding little boys in bed for nefarious reasons?

On the subjects of "bad jokes" is Gunn just an idiot who's been stuck in an "edgy phase" for decades or does some part of him have an unhealthy obsession with sexualizing children?

Maybe people are being misguided and their attention is being directed the wrong way, or maybe a few pedos are throwing their ilk to the wolves.

I can only speak for myself, but I'm happy people are finally questioning "odd" behavior. If people were coming out against Mr.Rodgers all of a sudden I'd start to question things more, but in a lot of cases there *is* questionable behavior.

People are just discussing what they see or hear and sharing information available. The more people try to hide and shut down discussion, the more suspicious people will be.

The best anyone can do is share what they know or have learned and let people decide for themselves. We're all on a gossip site at the end of the day, of course people will talk.

We might have to agree to disagree on the subject. I don't want people to be falsely accused, but you reap what you sow. If you dont want to be judged for your words and actions then dont say them. You cant control (to an extent) how people respond, but you can control yourself. Im sure Ive said things in my life time people would get mad at me for, but thats life.

Pushing this subject into the public forces people to pay attention and acknowledge what's been happening for years. We were already being pushed aside and ignored, are they going to ignore us more?

I don't get off on people being fasely accused, I just appreciate people wanting to hold others accountable. Not going to get political, but there are major players on all sides who are friends with people proven to be sex offenders. They know and don't care and many still have careers. Im not going to cry for Harvey Weinstein because he's finally being held accountable.

I'm always up for a conversation in most cases, it's just a matter of if I remember to check back.


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