Sunday, August 26, 2018

Blind Item #3

Several months ago, a certain a-hole serial rapist finally got fired from a series on an almost-TV network. 

You would think that by now, everyone involved can just move on with their lives, right?

Except this a-hole is a prominent member of a cult you all know.  Losing his job meant a lot less money for the cult

The cult keeps stalking his accusers, even now. The cult wants to deter any more of these situations from happening in the future. 

Surveillance cars with expired license plates outside houses for days, tapping of communications, and direct threats - sometimes face to face out of the blue.

When the victims report the stalking to the police, it never seems to go anywhere. Why?  Because the cult spreads a lot of money around the local police department just for this purpose.


Mrs Crab said...

Danny Masterson and scio

Do Tell said...

Danny Masterson

Do Tell said...

In this case the victims need to go to the state attorney general and push for them to launch an investigation into those police departments.

Jesus, are girls in those areas going to have to start doing their own rape kits too?

Hamid said...

Hardly a blind. This was reported yesterday, complete with video footage of the stalker.

Unknown said...

You should watch Going Clear or listen to Tony Ortega’s interviews so many people have tried their hardest to get the government involved when it comes to Scientology but all they do is end up bullying victims into submission, paying off people to go away even committing murder. Apparently the cult donates a ton of money to police departments even invites them to their galas and award them medals. It’s gonna take Tom Cruise publicly leaving (which will never happen) before something is legally done to break this organization

Do Tell said...

The government doesn't have to investigate Scientology, (and that is a different discussion) I'm saying they just have to investigate those police departments and hold them accountable for not doing their jobs. These women should sue.

Admin User said...

when seconds count, the police are only minutes away...

AwkwardTurtle said...

If he was a better actor and didn't act like a douche, Scio wouldn't have to worry about losing money. Maybe they should look into their own.

Neal M said...

I was thinking: "Why doesn't the husband step up and do something?"
Then I saw the photo of the husband... oy vey.

Scientology is so creepy.

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Unknown said...

Scio IS the government. It’s a counter intelligence honey trap. Started by the office of naval intelligence. The best way to keep those Hollywood loony tunes under your thumb is to get them to join the circus. Cuz most of them are fucking stupid in case you haven’t noticed.


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