Sunday, August 19, 2018

Blind Item #5 - Dancing Boy Blind Item

Here's a further, top secret sneak preview for the first thing, "The Dancing Boy of Hollywood: A True Story:"

I've gone missing, skipped sessions with my shrink, and an appointment for blood work. I haven't answered calls or texts in weeks, including from our patron, Mr. Conte himself. He's concerned that I might have relapsed - again.

Henry and Christina are sent to find me, which they do - at this secret retreat in the woods. I'm surprised to hear that I'm missing, and a little mad they think I'm using again. (I'm forced to pee in a cup in front of them, as the last time I was afforded privacy for this purpose, I had bought and passed along a clean sample. Sadly, it did not - of course - match my dna.)
They're also there to make a delivery. It's a videotape - not for my eyes, but the vault. I ask: celebrity sex tape? Nearly, Henry says, on both counts, but I'm sure you don't remember it. I guess it must be out takes from my barely legal porno career. It's earlier than that, Christina says.

They've been authorized to make a deal: I tell them, under oath, where I've been, and they'll be allowed to show me the tape. I agree.

The story cuts to a party in Malibu, June 1991. Henry and Christina discover I've been using - heroin, in this case - and stage an intervention. (It all started in the hospital, a few months before, when I was being treated for injuries from a certain secret mission. I hadn't planned to continue using, but then was told me what happened: our other injured team mate - with whom I was close - didn't make it. It's all about survivor's guilt.)

They go to call my parents, and a certain celebrity psychiatrist - who I'd been seeing - but do so from a pay phone, just to play it safe. They flush my drugs before leaving.

Already jonesing (it could be hard to find a pay phone in Malibu), my 17 year old likeness is visited by several of my peers. One of them, my leading frenemy (to be played by you know who) - he's the one who stole my journal - has a bag of dope, but I'll only be allowed a hit if I agree to play truth or dare. The truth, of course, is what happened to me on set (during the making of this movie). The dare, of course, is to reenact it.

Cut back to the secret retreat. I confess where I'd been: at the death bed of a certain doctor, in LA - the man behind the dancing boys of Hollywood. I believed, naively, that I'd been summoned to hear an apology. It was nothing of the sort. He had, instead, a proposal. He wanted to leave me his empire, built on sex and drug trafficking, and worth billions. But it meant going to the dark side. I decline, returning to my life as a homeless undercover reporter, having just seen the face of evil. (His empire goes to my nemesis - a former member of our secret team, who sold us out on our first mission, leading to this one kid's death - and we'll be taking up more about him in the first film-only short, "Down and Out (in this place I currently live): A Dancing Boy Investigation." And I reveal my biggest secret: what happened, in hospital, at the hands of five members of an industry satanic cult.

Back to Malibu, where my former agent literally comes out of the closet, and catches me in a vulnerable position. I've violated the nda, but he's prepared to make me a deal: I get to continue using, but he'll be allowed to have his way with me until I turn 18. At the last minute, my allies swoop in, rescuing me and snatching the tape.

Back, again to the present day, where we narrow escape being burned or blown up by the bad guys - they're already aware that I've talked. Fortunately, there's a mirror site due north, where we go for the night. We'll be safe there, for now.


sandybrook said...

How's everybody's weekend going so far? It's been extremely, extremely hot here this weekend, so I'm doing housework and cooking indoors trying to stay cool and drinking lots of varied liquid refreshments.

DreamWanderExplore said...

Same here Sandybrook, working from my laptop etc

Flashy Vic said...

Indigestion after a very big sunday dinner.
I think I'm going to need the wire brush and Dettol after I let this lot go later on.

VDOVault said...

I was thinking about going out to Costco for a grocery run but as it is a holiday weekend I will wait until Tuesday (to avoid crowds & traffic. It has rained here a lot recently so it is nice & cool (but overcast). I have some pasta I can heat up for lunch so all is well!

Beyond EMF said...

DB’s writing has been more lucid the last few posts. However, it does seem likes he’s travelled further out in the cosmos. In that universe, the Dancing Boy Franchise will be a massive success.

sandybrook said...

Lol Vic

Nor Cal said...

I find the Dancing Boy blinds to be hit or miss. I liked this one but I do not have any guesses as to who the doctor who wanted to leave his fortune to DB might be.

Rosie riveter said...

While I will admit to not understanding the premise, I will say that it's extremely interesting.. and if it ever really DOES make it out into the open and we understand it all- there's gonna be some "functionally retarded" individuals here who will pretend to of followed along the whole way.
Enjoy your day fuckingoofballs

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Thanks for asking, @SandyBrook.

It's been extremely hot in Las Vegas this week, too!
SO, hot the wife is talking about moving.
(Don't want that to happen. Hint: I'm about to make some serious cash selling a resort property.)

Anyway, it was so hot here, we decided to swim at night for the first time in a long while.

Best of Luck to all!

japcap said...

i dont know if to shave my legs or wax them

cheesegrater15 said...

Relaxing. Decent weather today.

John the peon said...

When offered criminal organization, accept and then dismantled or gather evidence or both ( this will probably lead to death, so what) perhaps global good guys can hide you forever after deed is done if they exist.πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Sal Salington said...

Dancing Boy badly written fiction, did not read.

sandybrook said...

You have dry heat David.
So long Rosie!

Humor Me said...

I honestly did not need a translator on this one.

Otherwise a very quiet day after an overly busy Saturday with grandchild, visitors from the West coast, meetings and an Air Show overheard.

Rosie riveter said...

Oh sandy , you know I'll be here long after you're arrested for some sort of drunk and disorderly or crime of rage

LA Native said...

Woke up and was brushing my teeth when Ithe power went out and a LOUD boom happened across the street, a woodpecker blew a transformer and was blown up. Couldnt get my coffee or car out of garage to do some early morning plant watering at clients, couldnt reach the manual cord for the garage door. Waited until it came on again and ran out in the Florida heat to do my work and came home to swim and chill in pool but every single neighbor was running power tools this morning and my ears were ringing so I came back inside. Ugghh.
I then made a late breakfast and dropped it on the floor.
Going back to bed now.

Phillips Head said...

I'm with Sal. Dancing Boys are fiction. Climate Change, on the other hand, is fact.

sandybrook said...

Well I was hoping it would show up here Friday like it threatened Rosie, but it didn't as usual..keep your hopes up though.

R Bee said...

I'm in the UK and it's shite weather here. Why did I get a dog who likes to sniff every bloody inch of the path?!

sandybrook said...

As long as your dog isn't sniffing human crotches it's all good.

R Bee said...

I didn't see any bodies on the path this morning, which is surprising where I live.

Cary Gaul said...

If you aint got no money take your broke ass home

hhstarr said...

Just worked out. Will do some work for my classroom later, but planning to drive around for a bit in my new Jeep. It’s hot here in SC and humid, but it is August so what should you expect? I love the heat.

Tricia13 said...

I love SC...
You near Charleston?

Sunny and warm here too.... family relaxing today. Pool day as opposed to beach πŸ– I think.
Life’s good...
Happy Sunday All

Colonel Blake said...

Hot here too! But, us northerners get so little of it we enjoy it! I don't even have air conditioning!!
Try dropping a piece of watermelon on the floor. That shit splatters everywhere, man! Even the damned chandelier!! Jesus Christ, have to even move the damned appliances to wash the floors! Again, under no air conditioning!! haha

Going for a bikini and vag waxes later.

Farmgirl said...

DB has effectively turned into Your Turn

Chaps said...

Moving slowly today, hosted Mom's 77th last night. Mixed too many different wines. Need to get my butt in gear. Packing up the car and heading to my timeshare for a week in Carlsbad. Can't wait for cooler temps and less humidity!

Cree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cree said...

Are these blinds supposed to come off as authentic real life scenarios, or are we just giving feedback for a ficticonal movie script in process?

Either way, your writing has really gotten a lot better; I can follow along so much better now. Sorry if the truth is just stranger than fiction, but this always sounds over embelished.

Guesser said...

I just assume Dancing Boy is taking his real life and turning it into a screwball superhero story. That said,he still needs a script Doctor. The weather sucks here,rain, then super high humidity. Too wet to fix garden. However,I will be canning tomatoes and maybe more pickles.

Stupidpervs said...

I think I'll have pancakes today

Do Tell said...

Sounds like that ex MTV reality star that recently went missing. Jesse Camp.

Do Tell said...

Although JC would have been way too young in 1991 to fit this blind. I don't know. Who cares anyway.

andrea said...

Hot here too. Wildfires are raging all along the west coast though and really puts a nasty smog over everything. Sun has been red for a week now. Hoping it starts to cool off or some rain comes our way. 😣

sandybrook said...

😣that sucks.

andrea said...

I’m fortunate enough to not be in an area that’s being evacuated but there’s an estimated 600 wildfires in BC right now. This happens on an annual basis now and it’s sad.

Bitchysoisse said...

In an unexpected moment of kindness, I'm going to suggest to Dancing Boy that he tell his story in a more linear fashion rather than flashing back and forth in time so much, because honestly that confuses the shit out of people. It's even worse when the jumps are so far apart that you have to have different actors play the roles. Only a masterful few writers have managed to pull this timeline-jumping style off, and if you think about it, each character has a distinguishing characteristic that didn't change over time, which made it easy to tell who was who, such as clunky glasses, or a scar, or an accent.

Unknown said...

Brock Pierce

Lunchpaillefty said...

Can a non sequitur be multiple paragraphs? “Satanic cult”? I’m out

AkhaldanSolo said...

I'm appalled you people are still playing the "what I had for dinner" game, an ultimate sign of disrespect, for a serially abused Hollywood personality. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, but, for some reason, something tells me your boundaries have faded away long ago.

I can feel the searing pain, confusion and horror at the skipping in and out of events like they all blend in to one from DB's writing style. I guess you have to have some kind of an insight into the world of the dysfunctional, something, it seems, especially those here, like to pretend and feign ignorance of. Dancing Boy, and I, and many others, know it's much, much different.

Madame_ovary said...

I wish I had a professional wax kit. I used to work in a salon and spa and the estheticians taught me how to wax legs and brows. I'd be a smooth hair-free goddess all the day if I had one

Lunchpaillefty said...

Calling someone “retarded” while saying “will pretend to of”. I’ll take “irony” for a thousand, Alex.

Lunchpaillefty said...

I’m only here for Geeljire comments

Satan 666 said...

To whomever suggested DuckDuckGo to view this site: thank you! I no longer have to deal with those stupid pop-up videos showing how to make soap and dorm room hacks. My life is now a little better :)

Satan 666 said...

@Madame_ovary: are professional kits worth the extra money?

orangesoda said...

Is any of this information actually new? There are so many confusing DB blinds that I swear I've heard every piece of information provided here before.
Anyway, Happy Sunday everyone.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Ok. So we're getting a glimpse of his real, current life (doctor's appointments, bloodwork), interspersed with past trauma and incidents, and quite a bit of fantasy.
My take:
DB is writing. A lot. It's coherent. So I'm inclined to believe that he is clean, as he claims.
The fact that he's writing so much for CDAN right now, combined with his lack of social media activity makes me think he is indeed ignoring phone calls & shutting out friends and family.
I worry that if he relapses, or comes down from this manic activity, he'll have nobody to talk to or count on. Christina, Henry, and the patron aren't real. I mean, they are real people, but they are not really in his life the way they are in his "movie plots". And I don't know if they have real life counterparts. I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm worried.

Dancing Boy: if you are reading these comments, reach out to someone. Not just your shrink. I'm sure you have someone in your life you can talk to. Because if your friends are reading these, they would be worried too.

Lo Lo said...

@Sara, Making it work- Good take, I am with you on this one. Stay strong DB!

Rosie riveter said...

Or you can shove that thousand up your ass after you pretend to of read it,but really are being just as condescending as all the other insensitive goofballs here.
How'd I do that time?

Cat said...

'On the spot' dna testing for urine samples is not a thing.

intrigued said...

Look, make the movie or shut the fuck up. Preferably both.

Rosie riveter said...

taking a drug test right when asked-
It's a thing.

Lu said...

Super bad, got sick after eating a suspicious burger king meal. Fever during 2 straight days and I'm feeling like shit. Stil not bored enough to read a DB blind

Madame_ovary said...

@Satan 666 yes, for the most part, I personally think they're worth it. But mainly, it's the brand of wax you buy. I like Cirepil blue hard wax. The wax pots dont have to be super fancy, but they do need to have adjustable heat and heat evenly. Strips made for waxing are best for the removal.

Unknown said...

Sitting inside and dodging mosquitoes, Sandy. It's been hot here, and we've had just enough rain to hatch a new batch of mosquitoes without the benefit of cooling anything off. Thanks for asking!

sandybrook said...


sandybrook said...

^^^^That's for fairylights and Lu^^^^

hhstarr said...

@Tricia, wish I was in Charleston, love it there. I am just south of Charlotte. Have a condo in Myrtle Beach and Charleston is only 3 hours away, so not too bad.

Unknown said...

The nemesis is supposed to be Feldman right? The one who died is supposed to be Haim.

Unless he means someone a lot more sinister like Brock Pierce for the nemesis.

Anyway, it's actually cool here today. Yay! ^o^

getstracked said...

"Fortunately, there's a mirror site due north, where we go for the night. We'll be safe there, for now." -- I thought mirror sites were websites where servers hosted content as a more accessible copy of content originating elsewhere(?) Is there a kind of real-life location referred to as a mirror, and if so, what is its definition?

Original Unknown skeptic said...

@lunchpaillefty Lol! My thoughts exactly!

@ Rosie of
preposition: of
expressing the relationship between a part and a whole.
"the sleeve of his coat"
expressing the relationship between a scale or measure and a value.
"an increase of 5 percent"
expressing an age.
"a boy of fifteen"
indicating an association between two entities, typically one of belonging.
"the son of a friend"
expressing the relationship between an author, artist, or composer and their works collectively.
"the plays of Shakespeare"
expressing the relationship between a direction and a point of reference.
"north of Chicago"
expressing the relationship between a general category and the thing being specified which belongs to such a category.
"the city of Prague"
governed by a noun expressing the fact that a category is vague.
"this type of book"
indicating the relationship between a verb and an indirect object.
with a verb expressing a mental state.
"they must be persuaded of the severity of the problem"
expressing a cause.
"he died of cancer"
indicating the material or substance constituting something.
"the house was built of bricks"
expressing time in relation to the following hour.
"it would be just a quarter of three in New York"

If you’re still confused maybe this entry from
Urban Dictionary can clear it up for you:

Used by idiots who can't articulate correctly in place of the word "have".

Cross-reference: Often used in the same sentence as "your" when what they really mean to say is "you're".

In frequent use in England.
I should of asked for her number.

Those movie tickets cost more than they should of.

It's raining. Your going to be sorry. You should of brought an umbrella.

Sara, Making It Work said...

Right. It was a pee test.
What he said was that his previous sample was "bought" and therefore someone else's DNA. Not his.
And so they didn't give him privacy (and the opportunity to use someone else's pee) this time.

Rosie riveter said...

my goodness, thankyou for the grammar lesson. Ill use it four sure.
At least you didn't show up just to yell "FUCK OFF, YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING!" just because someone has a different opinion than you. This was way nicer than you usually are, thank you

Unknown said...

Absolute bullshit, I stopped reading after he said he failed a piss test because his dna didn't match. This shit is some kind of fantasy and I believe the author is actually getting off retelling his supposed past.

Sara, Making It Work said...

That's actually not what it said. Read it again.
"Not my DNA" was just a fancy way to say he used someone else's pee in order to pass the drug test. Unnecessary anyway since he said he'd bought it.
He passed it this time because he was clean.

Paul Saint John said...

Let's dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let's dance
To the song they're playin' on the radio
Let's sway
While color lights up your face
Let's sway
Sway through the crowd to an empty space


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