Monday, August 20, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

August 11, 2018

Yet another rape victim has come forward and also corroborated the story of another rape victim yet somehow this radio host/pay cable interviewer is still keeping his job. How is this possible. Does he have to rape the wife of one of the executives at the company before they will do anything?

Charlamagne tha God


Brayson87 said...

Maybe doing their wives is part of his contract.

Zebra Seasoning said...

Who ARE these people?

sandybrook said...

He is one of the hosts of the top rated morning radio show in NYC and it is also on one of the black oriented cable TV networks and syndicated on some radio stations around the country. One of the other co-hosts Angela is the daughter of someone I knew when I lived there.

Zebra Seasoning said...

Thank you.

shawn fleming said...
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MDAnderson said...

Angela Yee was my favorite when I would listen to show when I lived in NYC. They are big in the urban markets.

Liz Pop said...

@zebra same question
@sandy thanks for clarifying

Unknown said...

Please lock his hypocritical ass up

R in NYC said...

Some of you need to expand your horizons.

Krispyc said...

Charlamagne got his big break when he was Wendy williams sidekick on her NYC WBLS/syndicated radio show before he and Wendy’s husband had a falling out and he was let go from it.

Mhdz said...

I never like the guy, always got a weird vibe from him.

Tiger Lilly said...

He is friends with Lena Dunham. Birds of a feather flock together.

Tiger Lilly said...

Same. He’s was always very negative person and extremely misogynistic towards women.

Cree said...

He's smart with his PR, even when he says dumb stuff and he's been caught up before. The laws make it difficult for victims to get justice, especially if you "wait too long". Its the sad reality of things.

ResonatingTruth said...

Did you see how Charlemagna reacted in the Martin Shkreli interview?

at 5:35 Charlemagne mentions Bridger for the first time and things get weird.
5:55 Martin even comments that "That's some illuminati type shit
19:17 Martin jokes that Charlemagne was at the Illuminati meeting yesterday.
22:30 MArtin is talking about how he started his drug company and he says "Go to investors like your boys(in reference to Bridger)".
22:40 Martin says that Bridger is the elite of the elite.

This is how he gets away with rape..

and btw, that is a really weird hip hop name....
Charlamagne tha God

im assuming you're familiar with the actual charlamagne and the spear of longinus?
not many rappers go the historical monarch route.

my point is unlike most boule masons, charlamagne is "in the know"

generally speaking with VERY few exceptions, to earn 10 million a year or more, you must make a pact.

Martin's reaction to CDG when he throws out Bridger was very seriously concerned...He was in awe of Charlemagne after that...Then he lost his cool and ran his mouth around the end of the video...he actually changes the subject to go back to Bridger, he was that impressed...Now Martin was punished for this, CDG, best to out knowledge, skated...hmmmm

Charlemagne was calling Martin a privileged honky to his face, and he said and did nothing about if...cause he knows not to fuck with Charlemagne...

Charlamagne is a minstrel to the guys at bridger he has no juice. He brought up bridger as an attempt to "reign in" martin and establish control over the dialogue, Martin being the sly snake he is, danced around bridger, but let CDG do the bragging and boasting

Bridger is where the ledger of souls is recorded balanced and speculated on. No one will believe it of course. But its true.

Bridger routinely reports sub market average returns for its clients.
Bridger for a hedge fund is relatively small, a billion or two.

They stay small intentionally to stay off the radar, and if they reported their true returns, everyone would be beating down their door to invest the last thing they want.
The founder of bridger capital, Roberto Mignone doesnt have a wiki page, this is a BILLION dollar company folks. And he was also a lector at the first jesuit popes visit to st patricks

This is the company that did the lighting for bridger capital:

Compare their home page to any other hedge funds homepage/...

Oh yeah, and the day after he did that interview, mentioning he had 40 million in an e trade account for his bail, after talking about bridger and saying "thats some illuminati shit" among other things, his e trade account took a 40 million dollar hit how odd. THATS how they issue warnings.

Also in the interest of truth, unpopular though it may be, Shkreli isnt quite the demon the msm paints him as. he is a cocky sociopath like all ceos. but the aids drug he ran up to 750 per pill is far from the most expensive drug in the world, he could be criminally liable if he doesnt maximize profits(wall st laws few know about) and hes the only pharma company that gives away 2/3rds of the drugs they sell for free. Hes a dick, but he has a heart as most who come from nothing to become uber rich tend to.

The Solo Activist said...


it took forever said...

Did Charlamange send in this blind Enty? No way in hell is that man straight.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

Lol 500 words of conspiratorial giberish, but you don't lose me until you say:
Shkreli isnt quite the demon the msm paints him as. he is a cocky sociopath like all ceos.
you clearly lost your mind! Shkrelli is scum of the earth, AND he disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.
but the aids drug he ran up to 750 per pill is far from the most expensive drug in the world, he could be criminally liable if he doesnt maximize profits(wall st laws few know about)
Cause CEO's are ALWAYS being sent to jail for this.

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Stupidpervs said...

Never really liked him ..I like Cardi B cuz of course I do but I watched a couple interviews with her and he seemed kinda douche .

Brian said...

Is anyone in the black community ever going to address this? Or any white leaders brave enough to call it out and deal with the accusations of racism? There are a LOT of guys, mostly in hip hop, who have done, and are currently doing, a lot of horrible, criminal things, and it's all just ignored. They still get signed by record companies and the fans don't seem to give a shit about who they're raping or molesting or assaulting or attempting to kill.

I realize that there is a lot of nuance in the criminal histories of black men that isn't necessarily there in other ethnic groups, but these aren't guys that have renounced their past and are trying to turn things around, these are guys that get record deals and still live like thugs.

It's just so gross to see so many people's careers imploding over such relatively minor stuff compared to this guy, or XXXtentacion, or 6ix9ine. If time's up for the film and tv industry, maybe time should be up for the rap industry too?

Winston Smith said...

Yeah, you have to wonder about the motivations of someone who thinks its time up for the rap industry - not individuals but the entire industry - I wonder why???


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