Sunday, August 19, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #6

August 10, 2018

I don't understand people sometimes. Well, a lot of the time, but especially in this case. You have this former A list rapper who is going through financial hell and will probably end up losing her home. She could go on tour and easily make the money to support herself and keep her home. She won't though. Why? Because she is living a decade or so in the past and thinks she should be able to charge $75 a ticket and play nothing but 5,000 seat places and larger. If she would get in a van and play 1,000 seat places and charge $25 she could easily make a ton of money. Her ego won't let her though, so her financial situation will only get worse.

Lil Kim


UniversalEnergy said...

Doesn't she realize that almost everyone - even popular Taylor Swift - had to reduce their ticket prices or use Groupon? People just don't want to pay now. They don't make a lot.

schweetyfleety said...

She could always join the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow.

Lunchpaillefty said...

And drink regurgitated beer

Lunchpaillefty said...

KC and the Sunshine Band, The Village People, Quiet Riot, all performers, who at one time were way bigger than she ever was, made a nice living playing small clubs and county fairs.

Thonker said...

@UniversalEnergy Taylor's ticket prices didnt really get lower just look at the Nashville date next week Cheapest tickets that are left are 250 dollars. Most expensive 585 dollars. Still sells. concerts arent getting cheaper anytime soon but it's true that Lil Kim could easily make money if the ticket prices were cheap. In the end nobody cares what the ticket costs if you can see someone you like live. Who goes: Oh my god that's so cheap she must be desperate lolol I'm not going.

Sara, Making It Work said...

I see multi-act tickets whenever possible. More bang for the buck. She should tour with like 3 other acts, not necessarily just rap.

donald said...

Wages and income are up

There is a correction in what people will pay for sub par entertainment. It’s great.

orangesoda said...

Most kids that are into rap don't know who she is so of course they aren't going to fork out $75 for her.
She's digging her own grave here. Can't really feel sorry for that.

M Styles said...

She should tour with Mary J Blige.
They both need it, were both big in the same era and did a hot ass track together, I can love you (queen b remix) as well.
And charge a fair price and place nice small joints like BB Kings etc.

Unknown said...

I just want to know is going on with Nicki Minaj and the industry, she is going in on everyone on Twitter, with the constant influx of hate towards her, I definitely believe what she is saying, but yikes!

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longtimereader said...

Swift also has hot acts like Camila cabello and charli xcx on the bill to help sales. Can you imagine lil kim and her band on a tour bus though? how about some corporate gigs?


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