Sunday, August 26, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #7

August 12, 2018

This A- list singer and her foreign born A-/B+ list actor boyfriend from an acting family might seem like they are trying to work things out between the two of them, and they very well might be. My only question would be why this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an ex of the actor spends hours each day texting and messaging him and why the two have hooked up at least three times in the past two weeks, always at her place.

Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth/Eiza Gonzalez



I hope this isn't true I like them together.

Cee Kay said...

I think Miley's an open relationship kind of girl.

Gator said...

Gonzalez always goes after some else's guy, but since she always wants to be more famous, she may try someone who's higher on the list. I don't think he's even B+ anymore.

orangesoda said...

Liam has terrible taste in women. You can't make a housewife out of a ho.

CJ said...

This seems to have happened last month.

Eiza was still dating Josh Duhamel and forcing him to have paparazzi take photos of them wherever they were. Mid July or so they were at a wedding in Napa that was also attended by Liam and Miley. Right after Josh dumped Eiza.

So if this blind is true, Eiza went after Liam at the wedding.

Given her reputation in Hollywood, I'm surprised men are still hooking up with her. She uses them and enjoys tormenting the women who the men had been with. To date, all iconic singers like Miley, Taylor and Fergie.

She made a play for Liam five years ago and he dumped her because she called the paps as well and he didn't like it. He seems like naïve guy.

sandybrook said...

FML if Eiza is an A-\B+ actress.😥

JustHereForTheComments said...

This is fishy. She was in South Africa already for a few weeks when this blind came out. Unless the "past two weeks" is even further back. I still don't believe Liam & Eiza are hooking back up.

Christina said...

I really do think Miley & Liam are happy together. I don't why the media plagues them so much with break-up rumors. They're in Nashville together right now with family. They don't feel the need to marry but they seem content.

I get why people might not like Eiza but the last she was in LA, Liam was spotted with Miley traveling I think, then Eiza went to Cape Town for a few weeks & now Liam & Miley are in Nashville. They were at the same wedding together but Eiza was with Josh then. The timeline just doesn't add up.

I think it's just convenient to say they're hooking up cause of their past and people will believe it cause they don't like Eiza and really think Liam & Miley are on they verge of breaking up apparently so for the past two years.

The Dark Side said...

I call BS, Liam is not stupid enough to go there again. He knew how badly those pics broke Miley's heart. If he was going to cheat it would be with someone else, not with Eiza.

Bill Beard said...

(((David Katz))).

Jane Hanoi said...

Little liam’s having too much fun playing the field to settle down now.

Sd Auntie said...

He has had a long time side piece in Malubu. Always a cheater and using Miley for publicity for his ho hum career.

CJ said...

I recall Enty blinds connecting Liam with Jennifer Lawrence and several others with January Jones. All during the Miley years.

Karma said...

Miley was a child entertsiner who brought home the bacon & was thus allowed to live without normal adolescent restrictions. Her social circle is full of ass kissers, psychedelic drug abusers (like that weirdo Yoko Ono GF wannabe, Kay Weaver, of Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne. Miley needs a total life detox..and a bath!

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mercyprosperity said...

Cyrus is a product and victim of the Disney machine. She was "Hannah Montana", was chased by screaming children thru airports. She was on lunchboxes and t shirts and doing concerts. She was working seven days a week and supporting her entire family.
And that's just the visible part. We don't know what else she suffered.
You do not just go and live with a picket fence and two children, after that kind of childhood.
All the best to her; she deserves it

Habibti said...

Eiza is stunning. I think Miley is a bit too messed up in the head.

CJ said...


If you see Eiza as stunning, know this. She's had multiple surgeries on her face and body and what surgery hasn't helped, she photoshops to make herself more appealing. Her real body was photographed this summer on a boat and she is overweight, out-of-shape and has a straight, pudgy, unattractive shape.

Her ill-fated and brief relationship with Josh Duhamel earlier this year was embarrassing. Her hungry need for constant attention and adulation became apparent to people who'd never heard of her before. She used her connection with Duhamel to get fame. She also has consistently been nasty to the ex wives and girlfriends of men she's dated. Her acts toward Fergie, Josh Duhamel's ex-wife, were cruel.

I agree with @mercyprosperity that Miley may be acting weird but she's had a very challenging youth enough to make anyone act out.

Eiza is unbalanced, nasty and a fraud. Her behavior should be called out.


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