Friday, January 11, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 4, 2019

This permanent A list rapper with what seemingly feels like dozens of children and a sizzurp issue said this week that he would be happy to participate in a documentary about his kind of boss/one named producer who forced our rapper to lose his virginity at 11 to an older woman.

Lil Wayne/Birdman


longtimereader said...

Didn't he previously say he was fine with this and still knew the woman?

:| raven |: said...

i find this so sickening.

child molestation is child molestation no matter if it's a 11 year old girl or an 11 year old boy.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he want to talk about how he lost his other virginity to the Birdman himself?

Oh still no mention of ED BUCK on CDAN or TMZ?

Brayson87 said...

Yup that's a child molester, he forced a child to have sex.

@Davina, the commenters have been talking about it all week. As far as Enty, not sure what dirt he'd have to spill, all the info is out there about that s!ck f*ck buck.

TMZ only does what benefits TMZ.

Aisle B Bach said...

How does he even find the time considering the time constraints of rehearsing with his new band Imagine Sizzurps...

Thursday November said...

That's child molestation.

This is probably part of his issues.

Chris Brown has also bragged about losing his as a child too.

These guys just don't get it.

:| raven |: said...

they can say all they want that it doesn't. but it does!

my son who is an adult just told me that he was molested when he was 7 by my sister's daughter (my niece) she was 14 at the time. she and her friend practiced giving him bjs. she threatened to hurt him if he told anyone.

he's been a drug addict since the age of 12, moved to meth when he was 18.

now i'm not saying that was the sole cause of his addiction, but it definitely had something to do with it as he's now in recovery, this came out in therapy a few weeks ago.

Brayson87 said...

@raven, that's horrible. And if that niece was targeting 7 yr olds at 14, she probably abused other children over the course of her life.

Anonymous said...

Children, male or female, are not ready for sex until they are somewhat emotionally mature. That varies individual to individual. That's why we must have and enforce Age of Consent laws.

R. Kelly was also initiated into adult sexual behavior as a child.

Men don't realize how much it hurts them because the virginity or purity of men is not "prized" in our culture.

Oh speaking of cultures, are we ever going to have a discussion about "tea boys" in Muslim culture? Do they bring that custom here when they immigrate? Oh what about the initiation of girls into sex at the onset of puberty in all of Central and South America? Africa? Guess not. Oh well, that's all cultural enrichment, but if it's a black kid it pedophilia. Got it.

Anonymous said...

PS. Did anyone see on Twitter today the article about how many men with child brides the US had allowed to immigrate? More cultural enrichment.

:| raven |: said...


yea, she is an evil one, that niece. she has been devious all her life and that happens to be because her mother (my sister) has also been. children live what they see/learn.

and now i think of the kids she babysat when she was in her later teens. she had told him (my son) that she needed to practice so she would be good for her boyfriend. how sexualized was she at that young age?? geezus.

i would have confronted her but my son asked me not to. i am honoring his request. for now.

Brayson87 said...

@raven, I once had the opportunity to talk to a female molester babysitter, a lot of the sh!t she told me seemed ridiculous. When she mentioned raping a baby, I thought this girl is so full of sh!t, that's not even physically possible. So I asked her how, and when she accurately described how I almost vomited on the table. And she'd been a babysitter for years. Would never trust a babysitter after that without a nanny cam.

If your niece was willing to do that to a family member, what would she do to a stranger?

AkhaldanSolo said...

Idk, Violent Hate/Horrorcore and BootyRap propagated by the satanist and owner of Harry Houdini's Laurel Canyon seance home Rick Rubin who has produced some of the biggest acts in Hip Hop have cultivated an attitude within these poor and undereducated gangs that certain behaviors are more or less accepted as mainstream. As you see with Little Wayne and Sizzurp, "robotripping" as it was called back in my day was childs folly, I have no idea why they pursue that brand of drug with so much else available, to me it only seems like a regression thing. So people within these gangs, generationally decrepit and broken down, have more a mad max approach to life because in many instances one never knows how long they will live in the ghetto.

There isn't any way you are going to breed this behavior out of that population for years and years without an entirely different educational system and support for impoverished families. It just isn't going to happen. So essentially, what you are looking at is an endemic and systematic demoralization of society into the decent of hell, pure and simple.

Snit said...

yep child molestation is wrong. Not to diminish that....I still take issue with the fact that Enty believes Lil Wayne to be permanent A list.

Aoife said...

Speaking of R Kelly Chicago PD visited him at his place in Trump Tower Manhattan regarding two women who were with him. They say they were there voluntarily but their parents say otherwise.

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Paul Saint John said...

I'm all for age of consent enforcement. But let's have a realistic take on age of consent. 14 for girls, 16 for boys. C'mon, 18 years old for females is a ridiculously high bar. These days, 17 year old girls are usually more sexually active than 30 year old women! We're talking about nubile, fully developed young women, treated legally as if they were children.

Krissie said...

Paul you've got to be trolling lol. 14 years old for girls, right. Go sodomize yourself

TellMeLies said...

NOT permanent A!!! I can't name a single song of his. Permanent A should be highly familiar to EVERYONE.

Paul Saint John said...

At 14 years old, many if not most girls are already fucking like rabbits with boys their age or slightly older. If that's not consent, what is? And parents seem to be fine with their widdle pwincesses sleeping around. Isn't feminism about empoweing wymyn? Well then, they should be able to sleep with adults, since they behave like adults.

Krissie said...

Paul, you've established you're either a troll or severely mentally impaired. Good day, sir


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