Saturday, January 12, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 4, 2019

I don't know if this reality star offspring/future/current sugar baby who is kind of a reality star herself wants to hookup with this permanent A list rapper/actor or just hang out with his barely there celebrity daughter who she basically stalks nonstop to the point it is kind of embarrassing.

Brielle Biermann/Eminem/Hailie


Unknown said...

If she cannot stalk and bang her way into this daily, the Juggalos would be happy to accept her into their family.

Caity said...

she’s so embarrassing

Freebird said...

One look at her and Em’s got vomit on his sweater. Mom’s spaghetti.

Gator said...

She's an idiot and her mother is a foul mouthed skank.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know why his daughter is out there trying to be an “influencer.” The only people interested in her are his craziest fans.

AkhaldanSolo said...

shawn fleming said...

If she cannot stalk and bang her way into this daily, the Juggalos are a disgusting band of misfits that will fuck her head up.

Juggalos lol. You bunch of fucking screwballs, the most confused groupies ever created by the CIA.

See, I'm not going to expect you to know or even care, but the Grateful Dead had a similar model of gathering up the nominal, weird and outcast of society and welcoming in with open arms, but as you probably know too, were huge hypocrites because there were many that were excluded based on their looks or how they believed. You think you have it all wrapped up in your little (twisted) utopia of fringe outcasts.

I'll tell you what though bucko ICP is nothing but another creation of the CIA just like the Dead was. It's a distraction, an even more dangerous distraction than the dead and a lifestyle ten times more volatile. I ain't ever gonna convince you of anything but your idols are CIA agents that want to see you dissolve yourselves in acid, meth and any other kind of drug while espousing some very contradictory and dangerous ideas. They are complete hypocrites too, Fat J says he's against pedophilia and encourages his fans to kill pedos but brags about being with his underage (female) fans. You all got one hell of a fucked up circus and you better bounce before the entire scene implodes your brain when your 40, watch.

The Grateful Dead was weird and IT spun people into lala land and the drugs made them zombies in their 40's. You guys are SERIOUSLY fucked up. I can't imagine what you people are going to look like, be and do after 20 years of touring.

Freebird said...


Caity said...

is akhsolo a derek alt? 🤔

sandybrook said...

Not that troll but one who posts 6 or 7 comments mostly useless on every thread under a few different names. And copy and pastes like a demon too.

Rosie riveter said...

It's "when *you're 40" shitforbrains
Y O U ' R E

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