Saturday, January 12, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #7

December 10, 2018

More and more drugs. This former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer does a wide variety of drugs but always pretends to the media that she is simply a pot person. Not even close. She talks a good game but no one in her family walks that game.

Miley Cyrus


Nemo said...

Is anyone really shocked by Miley doing drugs? Anyone? Bueller?

Empi said...

I would be pretty suprised if Hemsworth wasn't addicted to something aswell. You dont really knowingly marry an addict without having something going on yourself. maybe its booze maybe its sex but its something.

parissucksliterally said...

One look at Miley and you can tell she does plenty of drugs.

Unknown said...

If Mom does drugs, Dad does drugs, your friends do drugs, you were raised around TV studios with drug users, you hang out in clubs where drugs are rampant....

Sarton Bander said...

"Touré Neblett" for one of tomorrows' blinds.

plot said...

The BI doesn't claim Miley is an addict. It's says she does drugs, things more than pot.


Empi said...

She might not be junked out but if she’s a regular users typically you won’t see a person with no vices committed to a person with several. personally don’t buy LH boy next door hunk with a heart image.

HeatherBee said...

It’s not like she’s out licking doorbells, sooo

Sarton Bander said...

Anyone who can lick something for 3 hours should easily get a girlfriend.

Trapped said...

She can’t help being addicted, remember she is a former Disney darling.
90% of all former and present are addicts.
An addict is a person who uses trying like the dickens, to get that first high, it’s never going to happen..

I'm Outraged! said...

"90% of all former and present are addicts" - Oh bullshit

This and That said...

Well he cheats on her constantly. So there’s that.

Kim said...

I still say something is in the water over at Disney. No star comes out of there with a healthy mental state, but with Miley I think it's more from having a parent thats more interested in being your friend. I picture Trish as the mom from Mean Girls.

plot said...

"90% of all former and present are addicts"

No, not at all true.

"No star comes out of there with a healthy mental state"

Again, bullshit.

Anonymous said...

So she dies in her early thirties, does anyone really care?

Freebird said...


AkhaldanSolo said...

Miley knows how she has used her career to the advancment of the cabal. She knows her show Hanna Montana instills bi-polar disorder in her female fans and that she has used pedophilia as the platform to transform herself from child star to adult performer. The insidious angel inside of her called a conscience wants to make her immolate herself with drug abuse. I don't wish death upon anyone but it's not like she shouldn't expect that hot dose someday for knowing too much. Noone in the cabal dies a peaceful death it's just not written in the stars for them.

Urban Rosebud said...

Let it go plot. No Disney apologists here. The Rat is a cesspool of survelliance & trauma based mind control. Blue badges wake up!!!

plot said...

Oh there is plenty wrong with Disney (do all mothers have to die? Is that the only way any story becomes interesting - traumatized young animals and children?)

But to say all Disney stars become mentally unstable or drug addicts is simply untrue. You know that.

BlittleU said...

Miley still got the ring she wanted, although, I don't think Liam is that great of a prize. He may be pretty, but he's a terrible actor who doesn't have any of his brother's charisma. Oh well, at least they will have attractive children.

NoMoreBullshit said...

I need she consumes a drug that make her keep her mouth shut. God her voice is annoying

Astra Worthington said...

Not me! She’s gross and annoying in every way. And the Hemsworths annoy me but she’s like a four and he’s like an eight, on the attractiveness scale so they have to be doing serious drugs or super kinky sex for it to last. Her big old mule teeth, her jackass bray of a voice and her asinine, try hard antics are just “UGH PLEASE STOP” in human form. Go awayyyyyyy

Astra Worthington said...

Most do. You can’t deny it. Here’s a few:

Lindsay Lohan
Bella Thorne
Demi Lovato
Selena Gomez
(wasn’t Naya Rivera one?)
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera

Those are the ones that come immediately to mind but I’m sure there’s a bunch more. I never liked it never watched it, even as a kid I’ve always hated Disney and especially Mickey Mouse (disease carrying vermin are never cute), so I don’t know a bunch of them outside the major ones but they seem pretty screwed up.

plot said...

Miley hates The Mouse and so does her dad, but she's doing just fine. Though vulgar as hell, at least last tour, she made a pile of money. She has dated (now married) the same guy for eons. She seems to have a stable attitude about drugs (mostly pot) and a pretty healthy self image. She isn't to my taste, but Miley is doing just fine.

Britney's problems stem from probably inherited mental illness. Not saying that being pimped to The Mouse at a young age didn't have a bad effect, but the greater issue was organic in nature.

What's wrong with Christina? She plods along, a job here, a job there, and never blames The Mouse for anything. Her father, OTOH, yeah he was violent with Xtina's mother throughout her childhood and Xtina doesn't seem to have much love for him. She might drink too much and have a raging ego issue, but how is The Mouse to blame?

You Blame Disney for Lohan's issues????? Have you seen her parents?????

Bella I don't even know. Demi and Selena don't interest me much but I suppose sometime I will have to glance through their life stories.

plot said...

Let's examine some successful Disney kids who don't seem self destructive at all -

Ryan Gosling
Justin Timberlake
Even Peters
Hilary Duff
Zac Efron
Ben Foster (okay that one is iffy, Scientologist and all.)
Ashley Tisdale (check her IMDB page. She works quite a lot)
Vanessa Hudgens
Emmy Rossum
Alison Pill
Kaley Cuoco

That's a sampling of the Disney kids who are doing just fine, if not very well indeed.


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