Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Blind Item #4

This former manager to a permanent A lister settled one lawsuit but still thinks she is owed more and is threatening to reveal a bunch of secrets unless she gets more.


MDAnderson said...

Stella anc Mariah

Tricia13 said...

Mariahs ex manager Tatiana

Brayson87 said...

What secrets could she reveal?

Laineybin/EDN said...

@Brayson: that she can't sing?

parissucksliterally said...

Mimi's ex manager - will tell about her addiction to pills and booze.

Brayson87 said...

But I thought everyone already knew she couldn't sing anymore and that she's hooked on pills and booze?

MountainMama said...

We know Mimi is an addict and a lazy sloth on top of it. For fuck sake she demanded to be carried. Rumors even had it she was too lazy to hold her own glass of champagne. We also know she suffers from some type of mental illness. I mean what more can possibly be told?

LydiaJosepg said...

Mariah is a New Yorker; they are resilient.
Also has very strong religious faith, which most people don't know about her.

Trapped said...

Mariah ——-ex manager any manager to certain stars, should know what to expect...

Drumstixx said...

I can see how Mariah could be a pain in the ass to manage, just sayin’ I don’t think you could pay me enough to do that job!

Anonymous said...

@Mountain Mama

A few quick facts on Mariah Carey:
-Best selling female pop singer of the Millennium (World Music Awards 2000)
-Best selling album -of all time- in Japan, by a non Asian artist (Mariah Carey: Number Ones, sold 3,250,000)
-Longest number of weeks at Number One -in Billboard US history-
("One Sweet Day", with Boyz 2 Men, 1996, Four months at Number One.)

-Longest total number of weeks at number one -in Billboard US history- for any artist (79 weeks with songs at number one)
--15 albums
--12 tours as headlining artist
--Mother of twins

~~Better check the stick in your eye...before the speck in someone else's.~~

Jules said...

Well done @Mountain Mama - there don't seem to be a lot of secrets with Mariah Carey- we all know she has mental issues (Bipolar?) and we all know she drinks and pops pills. What kinda secrets could she possibly have to blackmail her with?

Urban Rosebud said...

That she eats/ drinks / bathes in blood?

MountainMama said...


Nary a word I typed mentioned her singing talent, but I will say something about it now. She is so lazy she cannot even be bothered with trying to sing anymore. We all know she can, unless she totally ruined her vocal cords but it appears she could give two shits about her craft at the present time.

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