Thursday, March 07, 2019

Blind Item #11

Just like all of the other women he called his girlfriends, the latest for this celebrity offspring who will probably never get higher than his parents is more of someone to use drugs with than anything else.


Tricia13 said...

Jaden Smith?

East Coast to West Coast said...

Jaden Smith?

Pink_Palace said...

Where is this blind enty?!?

Brayson87 said...

+1 Pink, not in the stink

Brayson87 said...

Oh leave the offspring alone, he's still young and figuring things out.

Tricia13 said...

Enty did do a Blind about this guy recently.
But his name/he is very under the radar. Till now.

carly said...

just for something different, and because i immediately thought of the infamous photo; trace cyrus

Astra Worthington said...

I’m kind of scared to ask.....what infamous Trace Cyrus photo?

notthisagain said...

Ive been thinking about this blind a lot since MJ and RKelly have been in the news. anybody else remember it? its always haunted me

hothotheat said...

This would have been a Ratner blind as no one else in the story is famous. Especially the actress involved.

Nma said...

Brooklyn Beckham?

Brayson87 said...

@notthis, That blind gets weaker and weaker the more you read it. For supposedly 25 years "this three acre section has trip wires, an armed security response and now a barbed wire fence is being built around the three acres. Superficially there is nothing remarkable about the three acres."
It is way cheaper and easier to eliminate any evidence, especially over that amount of time, than to maintain that level of protection which could be blown any day.

BayAreaGirl said...

Tricia's right. Here's the WB blind:

carly said...

@astra - sorry - not OF trace - it's a photo that billy ray shared of tish standing in front of a TON of weed.

Troy Dyer said...

Was also thinking Brooklyn Becker for this one

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Sna said...


Angela said...

The investigation at Warner Bros. for some unethical behavior by the head of the studio hardly looks like a big scandal. The executive had an affair with a young actress, she tried to use him to get parts in major projects, he asked a few associates to get her auditions or to give her minor parts. She eventually got two credits in three years, and she has completed the part of Nicole Brown for a forthcoming straight-to-video thriller about OJ shot in Sofia, Bulgaria.

But it happens not even a week after AT&T ousted the heads of HBO and Turner Television. Time Warner, now WarnerMedia, consisted mostly of rather independent divisions, that had their own objectives and worked separately. Now, AT&T wants to combine all these units into something unified that would produce as much content as possible from their major brands. I joke about most of the conspiracy theories, but in this case, it wouldn't be surprising if AT&T was trying to terminate the guy too, as he must be protected otherwise by an ironclad contract. Hence this "scandal" which is about as vanilla as a Lauren Conrad biopic.
That or Tsujiahara didn't want to pay the National Enquirer.

Pink_Palace said...

@Angela, @Brayson, @Tricia

The Warner Brothers scandal is the type of story that brought me here. Enty was so well known for these and now the majority (especially the past 2 days) are weak as! No heavy hitting, nothing of substance, just the same people he writes about ALL THE TIME! For me to comment on a Kartrashian, I thought the day would never come!! I just thought Enty would be pisting perhaps a reveal, or more info to this juicy story...😞

Angela said...


The WB scandal is extremely weak, and doesn't even involve actual celebrities, apart from James Packer, who is Mariah Carey's ex. That's the kind of inner industry stuff that would have landed on Deadline at the time Nikki Finke was still in charge. It could have many repercussions on film production if the guy has to resigns, but it's hardly Harvey Weinstein, Part 2, nothing that anybody outside of the industry can relate with.

And you can't ask for stories that always top the previous one. Celebrities are not always busy taking drugs, yachting or raping underage teens. Sometimes, they work for a living, huh. The site has adjusted over the years to unreasonable expectations. Most of the content was plausible in the early years, then it started to spiral out of control, with daily blinds about stories that could have at best two or three witnesses then magically land on this particular blog within hours. At some point, you have to realize that they're often not true, that they're written specifically to please people like you and to keep you here. But even in this situation the writer (or writers) has to take a break and publish minor stuff before coming back with more outrageous dirt.

hunter said...

Interesting Page Six blind today about how Weinstein's lawyers were CAUGHT by the NY court system for trying to fuck up or delay the trial.

Basically Harvey's lawyers are also involved in a separate case (unrelated?) which is scheduled to go to trial during Month X (I forget), but it was found and brought to the judge's attention that the lawyers had tried to schedule Harvey's case to be held the exact same time.

Which would have created a scheduling conflict and the case would have had to be pushed out. Dirtbags all around.

Vita said...

I was thinking of Brooklyn Beckham while reading this too...did you know he suddenly is being listed as photographer Brooklyn Beckham in all press mentions of late?

Jaden is bringing water filters to Flint, MI, so Im giving him a gold star today.☺

Trashleigh said...

That post has been removed now @notthisagain Somethings going on!

Pink_Palace said...


Weak? It involves Ratner who Enty used to talk about him non-stop. He is one of the biggest pigs out there. And James Packer and his family used to be the richest or one of the richest in Australia. Do you not remember the campaign Tom Cruise had to get his family involved in Scientology while the daddy was still around? He flirted w/it, but ultimately said, “No thank you.”

I hate the yachting blinds personally and raping underage teens - yeah, not my style either. I am not here for salacious blinds. You have me confused w/the wrong audience...

I have always been a fan of fewer blinds and quality vs. quantity. I have never understood the need for reality tv blinds.

Nor do I understand a blind that could fit 15 people. Part of the fun of blinds used to be when no one could guess the answer - perhaps 1-2, but when the blind was revealed, it all made sense. Todays blinds almost always have a perfect fit as soon as it is written - perhaps because they come straight from Daily Mail stories and are just a wee bit embellished.

Sorry, not one to fight, but I come and am gone more often than here. I enjoy this site and the majority of the posters, but you are preaching to the wrong choir.

Angela said...

Ratner is just a side character in this Warner blind. He was both a director and a partner at RatPac-Dune, which provided financial backing to Warner on major projects after Legendary moved to Universal.

I never thought I would write such a thing but, in this story, Ratner is mostly a victim. He assumed the position of a middleman to cover for Tsujihara and he had to address the pressing demands by Kirk. He accused her at some point of extortion, which is exactly how her attitude looks.
Sure, Ratner is a pig, one of these guys who's in the film industry in order to revive the Hollywood "Golden Days" of the fifties and sixties (his idol is Robert Evans and he was attached to the Hugh Heffner biopic), but who assumes that the casting couch and light sexual assaults were the highlights of that era.
If you want a good Ratner story (and well told too), watch the opening monologue by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll at the Independent Film Awards last year. Kroll mentions Ratner's compulsive habit of putting his hand into his pants and scratching his nutsack in public, and it's hilarious.

But, in that particular story, neither Ratner nor Packer did anything really shocking. Tsujihara is married with two kids, he had an affair, and at his former mistress' urging request he reluctantly tried to land her very minor parts in Warner projects, which culminated in a low budget OJ Simpson revisionist biopic shot in Sofia (the Los Angeles of Bulgaria) for another studio whose boss is also friends with Tsujihara.
At worst, Tsujihara invested a couple of million dollars of Warner money on Nicole & O.J. (the budget is unlikely to be $65m, it's never a good sign when 80% of your main cast doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry).
At best, he had Ratner make a few phone calls to casting agents so they would give Kirk consideration for minor parts. Unethical, sure. But hardly to most scandalous thing to hit Hollywood this month or even this week.

One interesting thing is that the screen photos with the texts show that these are pictures from Kirk's personal phone, which means that neither Ratner nor Tsujihara brought the story to the Hollywood Reporter, so they could control somehow the narrative. Either it was Kirk herself (which is doubtful, considering how much she has to lose from it) or some private investigator who was able to use her phone at some point.
Hence my theory that AT&T is trying to get rid of Tsujihara by forcing him to resign. First step is revealing that he cheated on his wife and maybe used corporate funds to buy the silence of his mistress, which will result in a probe at the studio. The guy may not want to reach step two. Also, AT&T has the financial capacities to bankroll directly film production, which means that they don't need partners such as RatPac-Dune anymore. The story may also be a way to have them leave faster.

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Pink_Palace said...


Thanks for the info! Never understood how Rebecca Gayheart could date him. I know she brought her hometown boyfriend w/her and she was the first to get a “decent” part - on the defunct Soap Opera, Loving. Her life went off the rails for a bit after she struck and killed that small child, and now I know her as “McSteamy’s” soon-to-be ex-wife. O honestly did not go back to see if this was the same boyfriend. He wasn’t well known then, he just grossed me out w/his lack of hygiene.

Your blinds are very interesting, thank you. Are you in the industry?

I am glad we both seem to be moving on from that minor scuffle. Your blinds are interesting, intriguing and very well written. That is also the enty of old. THAT is what I still crave, and I know the majority of readers who have been around for quite some time, appreciate them as well. Thank you!

Thot Crimes said...

The NY times recently wrote an article to illustrate that hollywood executives roles were dominated by "white males" and that only 1 (this same Warner executive) was the only one who wasn't a "white" male. What they failed to point out, was that 12 of the 14 executives were actually jewish.

Womp womp.


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