Monday, May 27, 2019

Blind Item #2 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

This foreign born Oscar nominated director is set to make a movie about Old Hollywood. The thing is though, even though the movie will discuss the permanent A+ list studio boss' relationship with one of the subjects, the rest will just be fiction disguised as fact.


Flashy Vic said...

Just like every other 'based on a true story' movie then.

Do Tell said...

Michael Radford

Rosie riveter said...

Fiction disguised as fact?

I'll take what is CDAN for 200, alex

Do Tell said...

"MacDonald and Eddy were first paired in the 1935 W. S. Van Dyke-directed film Naughty Marietta, which was under MGM where MacDonald was signed to. The went on to star in eight films together. During the time, there was a struggle for MacDonald’s heart and soul between Eddy and MGM studio boss Louis B. Mayer who controlled her life and career."

Vita said...

The Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy blinds here have been so stellar, why change a thing? Truth can be so much more fascinating!

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BRAD PITT said...

dicaprio was going to play a private eye in 1950's hollywood in a noir movie directed by michael mann

it never got made

Freckles said...

But the truth is so much more interesting

texasrose said...

All 'based on real events, people, history' movies out of hollywood are mostly fiction disguised as fact. It's actually pretty pathetic because a lot of people see them and take them as fact.

Brayson87 said...

Sounds like another movie that isn't going to happen or that I'm not going to see.


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