Sunday, May 19, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 9, 2019

Does this foreign born A- list actress not realize that her brother-in-law and the owner of the wedding venue already told the actual story of how the wedding came to be at that location? What is this nonsense in interviews she is spewing about the brother-in-law coming up with the idea an hour before it happened. She is so desperate to make the story about herself that she doesn't even care about the facts.

Priyanka Chopra


Meredith said...

Thirsty af. The photographer at Cannes taking shots of them for Instagram... Gag me.

CharlotteGoldenblatt said...

How is she making this about herself when she said it was ‘the BIL’s idea’. None of your Priyanka Chopra blinds ever make any sense. You tell us people don’t care much about her or Nick Jonas or they are annoyed with her or whatever. yet she gets invited to MET, Cannes, etc. attending top after parties, wearing top designers, working with in-demand stylists and make up artists. Hollywood A-listers are posing for pictures with her, liking and commenting on her pics on Instagram. Top US magazines are always covering her, she’s endorsing Obagi(great products btw) now. My theory is you are being fed petty gossip by vested interests. She hit 40M followers on Instagram recently must be somebody who is unhappy with that. Your last blind on changing her Nick Jonas story was also inaccurate as Armie Hammer had confirmed that they were actually on a date at their first MET appearance as they were sat on the same table. Waiting for all the ‘blinds’ from Cannes now where you’ll probably claim nobody knew her or ignored her or Nick was unhappy or she was there for yachting. Snooze!!!!

Miss Demeanor said...

Did someone touch a nerve, Priyanka??!!

Astra Worthington said...

Wow, now I’ve seen it all! A Priyanka stan. How sad.

DIA said...

Stop with all this hate towards her. She doesn't always hang out with her brother-in-law to know the whole story.

Meredith said...

She was at the said wedding, DIA.

Vita said...

Priyanka is making the most of the current success of Jonas and Sophie, as well as her own career. I think it is really clear that she doesn't look at any public minute without seeing how she can maximize it to her advantage. Whether answering questions about Joe's wedding without facts, or hiring a photographer for her Instagram photos. She's a diva, par excellence!

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TheBPlot said...

Im using the Secret to achieve my goal of marrying either two of the three Jonas bros. Im jealous of her. Smile.


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