Sunday, May 26, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 17, 2019

This former really bad A- list actress turned really bad A- list reality star turned really bad money managing celebrity thinks she has inherited some kind of television making magic. She also hates the latest addition to her new show and is willing to crash and burn the whole thing if she doesn't get her way. Good luck ever getting another green light on any show.

Tori Spelling


HushHush said...

The writing staff quit, this is a sad ending to the original show.

Sd Auntie said...

There is a reason why her parents cut her off. She still has not learned her lesson.

Miss Anne Thrope said...

For shame, after all Shannen has been through.

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BitterBlondin said...

I thought she and Shannen were friends?

Vita said...

These blinds seem to indicate that Tori and Mel B. Could use lessons in Not Blowing Important Career Opportunities.

Do Tell said...

I like that they're doing the reboot as a spoof of itself. Probably the only way it would work. I'll watch at least the first episode.

Andi said...

Figured it was her & Jennie that were being difficult, they thought everyone would just assume Shannon is living up to her rep.

Hope: Never lose hope. said...

Man, I still don't get why her momma, who's rich beyond belief, just doesn't pay her monthly to shut her up and keep her away from us! NO ONE REALLY LIKES HER! They move every few months from one rag house to the next. Kids always look filthy. Watch, she'll be pregnant early 2020!!

Dearest (Tori's) Mommy:
PLEASE just GIVE her money, pay ALL her bills. ALL of them.

Thank you.
The World

Cinemaddict said...

Let me preempt this by admitting I know it is wrong but she may need to start pinning all of her narcissism and greed on her kids; and she will probably financially benefit more from using her plastic surgery budget on them than herself.

C’est Vrai said...

Fuck Shannen just because she had cancer doesn’t make her a good person she is hands down one of the biggest cunts I’ve ever met.

C’est Vrai said...

Lol Candy gives her cats more money than she gives Tori lol 😂


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