Sunday, July 14, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 15, 2019

This really quick rapper might not want to kiss fans, but he has never had issues with hitting them.

A$AP Rocky


Trapped said...

Is that's the one in hail? According to the video he didn't start the fight, but he is the star, so he's in big dodo....,
When will people learn to keep your hands to yourself....Now his dumb ass is in jail and he will be sued for this incident.
Just stand on the street corner and hand out money because that's exactly what you're doing......

Vita said...

Agreed, Trapped! Celebs have to be extra careful! And, once you're known for losing your cool and having to pay out, you may as well wear a target, or as you said, just pass out the cash

rosalie said...

Please, they were NOT fans but crackheads.

Trapped said...

Okay but he will be paying those crackheads and he’s losing money in jail..

Bonby Haud said...

I mean, let's be honest. Rap has produced music that sounds really good, but the messages there are 9/10 just plain evil. You'll have your occasional Chance the Rappers who promote positivity and saving money, but then Gucci came back in 2016 and made the game about being hard, doing drugs, having as much sex as possible, and spending money on flash instead of future investments. Rappers are almost always really bad people these days. But I can't lie, those same terrible people are making songs that jam. I still listen to all of them, but please don't glorify these people. They suck

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Bubbles said...

Sweden isn't as litigious as a country as the US nor has the same laws so I'm not so sure about him being sued by people that were obviously harassing him. And the idiot guy who breaks his headphones hitting the bodyguard and then wants them to replace what he damaged. They looked like the young Afghan refugees I used to see all the time in the European capital I lived in. This case is a joke.

AmesR09 said...

I can't believe how much he was complaining over Swedish jail when they look like dorms.


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