Friday, March 06, 2020

Blind Item #2

This former A+ list mostly movie actor knows that everything he turns over in a case against his ex will be leaked to the public. Look for his people to leak the positive things for his case before his ex gets a chance to do the negative.


Tricia13 said...


MDAnderson said...

Johnny depp

Tricia13 said...

Amber Heard is loving him handing over medical docs I bet

Sweetlilthang said...

Depp. Ambers had access to his full medical records since mid november and nothing has leaked yet from them. The Sun has just got access- they are going to leak everything when they lose the case. They also just had the texts thrown out as non admissible

J said...

Speaking of leaks, piss on both of them.

Trapped said...

Johnny Depp

TeeHee@U said...

Obviously Depp. And, Amber Heard deserves all the negative press she can get. The only reason her name is in the press was because of him.

If you were truly afraid of an abuser why wouldn't you leave or run away? No. Instead she video taped him when he was drunk, then antagonized him HOPING to get a rise out of him for blackmail later.

Amber is vile. Depp seems like an a-hole but I do not think he is an abusing a-hole.

AMBER is the one who was arrested for domestic violence and moved all of her friends in with them on DEPP's DIME in order to have witnesses to back her up. All of her actions were orchestrated.

She should absolutely be cancelled. If solely for the ACTUAL DV victims out there.

Freed Weave said...

it's not like Johnny don't have dirt on amber... she shat on his bed, got beat up by Elon and pinned it on johny, she throws bottles at him, cheats on him like it's her career, heck, all her "best" friends live on his dime... oh... She used to be a STRIPPER.... the list goes on and on

MJ said...

it's always what Depp's part do

but people take everything they say for proved, eager to eat up the spin

Veritas said...

Him are Heard are like a car crash that has already happened. The goggles gooshave already moved on, branded them both as losers and in the past.
Much like Wallis and Dimwit heckled Harry. We all know those couples and like to minimize time with them. The “ branding” each couple has desired, has been accomplished, yet not what they wanted.
L for Losers and I for irrelevant- old newspapers good to wrap fish in

Do Tell said...

Johnny Deppraved.

TwoDots said...

Johnny is gross, she’s gross. She fucked Franco who’s also gross. There are no winners here.

Unknown said...

Depp is no surprise to anyone as being weird, but he never had any problems with any of the women or people in his life until a sociopath/narcissist targeted him. If anything he loses in the court of should have known better.

notthisagain said...

both amber heard & drop are trash in different ways. tho honestly, reading his SOBER texts about what he would do to Amber...that was reall fucckin scary. It’s astonishing to me he would be dumb enough to send that message out. Like think it in your head sure, but putting it out there is a whole nother thing.

notthisagain said...


Ummmmm just bc you haven’t found out or heard about Winona Ryder & Kate Moss doesn’t mean what he did behind closed doors didn’t happen. They certainly aren’t gonna shout it from the rooftops to the public

MJ said...

i think that anyone that thinks that JOhhny didn't beat up Wynona and Kate is deluding himself

Maybe Vanessa was spared, but i am pretty sure that he did with those two, too

( wasn't also a blind here on how Wynona still has a cut left by him? Also, nd another one on BG where they say that Wynona was tempted to come forward and tell the truth, but then got scared...and she was right, seeing what is doing that POS )

Vita said...

Freed-- so it's a literal, as well as figurative, sh*tshow?! I blocked that little nugget out of my memory.

As this point, it's hard to imagine either of them getting a clear cut victory to celebrate. Whoever comes out ahead will do so staggering and gasping for air.

MJ said...

It's funny, bc people say that Amber " s**t on the bed, while there are no proofs..and she ddenies doing it, til now there is just the words of the houskeeper that has said that the feces " don't look " that of a dog, but for many people this is proven

his lawyers have said that they have " proofs" ( Dna of the poop ?) , let's see if they show them

Hotbox said...

I don’t care about the dumpster fire that was their marriage or their ensuing legal battle. I just came to say that Amber has been a cuntress for a long time. Even before becoming infamous, she had an attitude. Back in 2007, she was shopping at the Nordstrom I used to work at. She still stands out as being one of the worst, and that’s saying a lot, since we were pretty much drowning in assholes.

Ebb said...

Is this a BI or just common sense?

Anonymous said...

Amber is horrible. Depp is too skinny n strung out to be a real threat. Everyone she dates either is rich or can further her career.

Sweetlilthang said...

Ha @mj im fairly sure there is going to be a sizeable difference between the poop of a teacup yorkie and a strung out coke head like amber heard. Plus dog poop and human poop- is different. Dog owner here of a gorgeous collie. His poops are different to human poops.

Ive met them both through work numerous times. Depp is a decent enough guy. Flawed and human like the rest of us. Tbh dealing with his fans wherever he goes is the hardest part of working with him. But generally even when he is tired, grumpy, hungover etc he is at bare minimal polite. What more can you ask for really?

Amber however is the stereotypical mean girl and a hell of a ladder climber. Two interactions stand out to me. She wanted to get in on a charity event so was in our office schmoozing over everything and everyone. Including myself. Weeks later she was back in our office and (due to cancer treatment i looked different to give her some minimal credit) because i greeted her to take her coat she instantly treated my like an assistant and like dirt. She was rude, arrogant and sneery. And the second i followed her into the meeting and she realised i was ‘someone’ ping the charm came back on.

Depp is definitely scorching earth here as he has repeatedly refused and challenged any privacy order. I remember Ambers lawyer being all snakey about some photos of him taking drugs that they had to try and get him to agree to a privacy order. I was expecting a pic of him stark naked with a needle sticking out his arse and a pile of cocaine on his chest- turns out hes just holding a weed pipe in it. And thats what i think ambers lawyer underestimates. Hes always been honest about taking drugs etc so no one is surprised that he has. Im more surprised-ish that it was painkillers that got him hooked and needing treatment. Although not that surprised as most pain management drugs are massively addictive.

MJ said...

@swwetlilithhang, having two dogs, i can assure you that when a dog has bowel problems, their feces can be really weird, for sizes and colour

so, no, STILL noone has proofs that she s+at on their bed, but his lawyers say that they have evidences, let's wait for them, right? It's not like they would lie ot so (right)

i have heard that Depp may be sweet and all, i have also seen and there are PROOFS that he can become very vioent while intoxicated, so, what's your point?

for the rest, if he does drugs or "just take painkillers ", i personally laugh at this, but, again, i will expet the trial, til now, these of ours are just opinions

but i have to correct you, they didn't hand all his medical records, but just those of one doctors, but Depp had others doctors that treated him

and this is the only thing i will say about the trial things, bc things are in the process and may change day by day

Sweetlilthang said...

I have not mentioned his medical records?

On that point though medical records are private and he has signed a release form meaning she is allowed to request information on anything from any of his doctors. So if there is a delay in her receiving the information its because she’s either not requested it from him directly or the delay lays with the doctors.

I think the reason the photo hasnt been publicly released is because both sides have been warned about this behaviour. Nevertheless when ill my collie can bring up all kinds of nonsense from both ends- it never looks human though.... the claim isnt that it looks ‘weird’ its that it looks human.

Sweetlilthang said...

Oh i did mention his records earlier. And as clarified she has had access since he signed the form. Any delay in her getting info is down to situations other than him.

MJ said...

" Nevertheless when ill my collie can bring up all kinds of nonsense from both ends- it never looks human though.... the claim isnt that it looks ‘weird’ its that it looks human. "

and how do you recognize that? You know, some years ago we had a land, it had no fences, so, anyone could come in..and once my husband told me " i have seen some feces that JUST the paper on made me think that they came by a human "( by how weird it looked)

so, to say that it " looked by human" is crap, bc noone can say that

MJ said...

" I think the reason the photo hasnt been publicly released is because both sides have been warned about this behaviour. " you" think" not a proof

again, let's wait for the trial, even for the medical records and the conversation between the two

Sweetlilthang said...

You keep stating things as fact- like she doesnt have his medical records. She has access to them. If she hasnt applied for records thats on her. If she hasn’t received the info from his docs- thats on them. Yet you keep stating she doesnt have the records as proof he is denying them. Hes signed the form she can apply for them herself.

Practice what you preach mj

MJ said...

" You keep stating things as fact- like she doesnt have his medical record "

where have i said that she doesn't have his medical records? I just asked, more than once, if his medical records have been released and, as as we have seen , just SOME of his medical records have been released, whoever is to blame

i don't remember if i have asked if HE has released his medical records, may be, doesn't matter, what's important is that some way or another these are brought to court

i don't think is Amber that didn't" applied" for the records, since she subpoenad one of the doctors

also, the lawyers of the journalist asked to be on DEpp's the cost for the dalying in the disclosure, which means they have doubts that is the DOCTORES that are delaying, but perhaps Depp asked them to do it..suppositions, that is useless discuss here, like the parts where they say that some records look " redacted"

MJ said...

" Mr Justice Nicol said: 'By not later than 4pm on March 10, 2020 the claimant [Depp] is to serve a witness statement setting out the steps that have been undertaken by the claimant and those acting on his behalf to obtain medical records and other documentation relevant to the issues in these proceedings from each of the medical professionals from whom the claimant has received medical treatment.

'In respect of all recordings, whether made digitally or by any other means, which include the voice of Amber Heard, whether or not they also include the voice of the claimant, the claimant by 4pm on March 10, 2020 will provide a witness statement verified with a statement of truth from him personally listing all of the recordings within his control

The claimant must by 4pm on March 10, 2020 provide the defendants with a copy of the recordings.'

i take that with quotes, as it has been published some hours ago, so, i suppose is the exact quote?

it looks like the Judge hasn't much faith in Depp, about his medical records

Unknown said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Depp is an old seaman
And his bed smells of poo.

BRAD PITT said...

depp's friends are a who's who of junkies and scum

Polanski , Shane MacGowan , Hunter S. Thompson


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