Sunday, December 27, 2020

Blind Item #4 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

This A- list singer/actor (#1) who had a name that sounded like he was mobbed up was gay and very much in the closet due to his Catholic upbringing. Our actor and an A list photographer (#2) who was openly gay were lovers and our actor used this A+ list mostly movie actress (#3) who was an Oscar nominee/winner and had been groomed since the age of 12 by a film director (#4) as a beard when she was still dating this mob connected B+ list actor (#5) who also played mobsters and was good friends with #1. #1's manager was #6 who was the right hand man to an alliterate A+ list mobster (#7). #6 allegedly killed his alliterate actress ex wife (#8) and definitely had a hand in the death of the creator (#9) of  this comic trio (#10). He also killed #1 after they had an argument over a blind item planted by this A+ list alliterate gossip columnist (#11) about #1 and #2. He had to split up with #2 or risk losing his career. #1 had just signed a contract with Universal Studios and was slated to appear opposite this A+ list mostly movie actress (#12) who is considered the best actress to never win an Oscar. She was nominated multiple times. #6 killed #1 and pinned it on #2, who was in the room when the slaying happened. #5 who hated #6, ratted him out to the LAPD which somehow got back to #7 who sent some goons to pressure drop the case or else. #2 had a nervous breakdown shortly after and was never the same.

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