Friday, March 05, 2021

Four For Friday - One Hit Wonders

Not songs this time but instead, movies or shows.

#1 - This foreign born former A- list teen actor blew all his money on drugs and now lives in the guesthouse of his former co-star while hoping to one day get another acting gig.

#2 - This former A list actress is someone all of you know. Despite that, she only had one hit. She destroyed her career through drug use, but not like you would normally see. 

#3 - This one hit wonder was for a movie all of you know, even if you haven't seen it. She was not a lead, but all of her fame came from the movie which was a franchise. She uses her fame to charge higher rates for yachting and has been known to roll married men she sleeps with.

#4 - This one hit wonder teen actor starred in a movie all of you know. Pretty iconic movie. Now he sells drugs and runs strings of women to service men at conventions here in town.

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