Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Looks Can Be Deceiving

She is always considered the goofball in the family. She is the one who makes headlines for who she dates. Don't let the looks or her act throw you off your game. She shows up in the tabloids to keep not just you, but her family off kilter too. She is probably the face of the family at this point. A family with a very very long history in the world. A family all of you know. A family that is not royal, but controls much more than the royals anyway.

After a lot of searching, she found the perfect partner. A partner who already has multiple bases in multiple third world countries. Each of those bases has a built in recruiting tool for thousands of young people each year. The young people come to them. They identify the ones they want to move on to a different country for trafficking and which ones they want to remain within their own countries to upset the establishment or become members of criminal organizations. 

It does not come without risks though. There was the death of a very very close family member and also a home invasion that resulted in having to pay out well over $1M to get out of the situation. Then again, the people that did the invasion are now dead.

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