Thursday, March 04, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Closed

It didn't have any fixed location. It didn't operate on a consistent basis. If a certain group of people were all going to be in town together for more than a few days, they would set things in motion and open the club. It would generally be a house that was rented for a few days prior to their arrival in town and rented through their visit and a few days after to get it cleaned. These were big houses because the people who organized the club had big money. No one is sure who had the original idea for it, but the five male founders were:

#1 - Former A+ list singer/child porn lover

#2 - Former A list producer who was married to a permanent A+ lister

#3 - One named former A+ list singer

#4 - A+ list mogul/producer/sometime performer

#5 - Former A+ list singer who is probably B list now. Comes from a family of singers.

This is a club that was only for same sex hookups. If you brought a woman with you, that was fine, but she would only be allowed to have sex with women while at the club. Back when #4 was dating the permanent A lister, he brought her and everyone watched her hookup with another woman. Apparently that was the case for this permanent A+ list singer too, who was not the guest of anyone from 1-5. Most of the young men brought to the club were guys who wanted a singing career and were willing to do anything to get it. This foreign born former A+ list singer was a frequent hookup partner of #3, which led to the huge career of the foreign born singer. As #1-5 have aged and also become more distant with each other, there has not been a club date in about a decade. 

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