Monday, March 01, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Timeline

Timelines are a gossip stable. Was this person already divorced or not? Was this person already pregnant while they were still married? Good management and publicity teams are aware of timelines and do their best to muddy the waters as best they can. To do that though, you need to have clients who can keep their story straight and not reveal too much in interviews or on social media. One of the best that I have seen follow this party line is a couple involving a director and their spouse. Both are foreign born. The director is significantly older than their spouse. Both are A/A- list. The story has always been that the couple met on the set of their first movie together and love blossomed and the spouse just happened to have recently turned 18. Just by chance. It turns out though, their first meeting was actually about 18 months prior to this shoot and it was a result of this liaison that the director split with their first spouse. 

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