Friday, May 21, 2021

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind

In his day, this individual at one point was talked about as a potential A++ lister and was the inspiration for a movie starring this permanent A+ actor.  His lack of further success, losing the A list position he had to a gaffe prone weak challenger with an embarrassing condition, has always been a puzzle.

Truth was it was deliberate. He had gotten what he needed which was certain information. Years ago, his mother had been subjected without her or anyone's knowledge to a procedure by agents from someplace very far away.  HIs sportsman father was not his actual father.  These agents made him aware at a young age that he was their agent and  his job was to study life here. Once he had all he needed as well as classified information he had access to when he was A list, he was told to stand down. He did continue general observations for the rest of his life.  The body that was presented after he died was not his corpse.  An autopsy would have revealed that very different beings were among us.

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