Friday, May 21, 2021

Four For Friday - Old Hollywood

#1 - This long time comedy duo all of you know, split because one of the duo couldn't handle the fact the other liked both men and women.

#2 - Speaking of bisexual, this A list singer/actress was involved in a long term relationship with this A list mostly movie actress until her then husband, who worked with someone in #1 beat her when he found out, and vowed he would beat her everyday until she split with the actress.

#3 - The fact that both deceased partners in this very long by Hollywood standards marriage were gay is no secret now.  She was a Tony winner who was in many films and TV shows and acted right up to the end of her life. His most famous role was an early TV show that influenced a whole genre but is more famous for the theme song.

It has always been assumed that the reason they didn't have kids was because both preferred same sex lovers. In fact even if they wanted kids they couldn't have had any. She had been sexually assaulted as a teen during an audition and had gotten pregnant and the abortion that resulted had been botched permanently leaving her unable to have kids. 

#4 - There were others who worked with people in #1 and #2. In fact, they were all famous. What most people don't know is they all were just a front for the mob who paid them to appear at hotels and to make movies so they could launder money.

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