Thursday, May 20, 2021

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

It's not an exaggeration that the original cast and crew of this long running show everyone knows that has launched a million careers at the beginning had a contentious relationship with the network they were on.  They were just becoming a sensation and the network was not ready for many of their ideas for the show, their behavior and all that went along with it.

This A lister who created this show and is still associated with it arranged a lunch to cool tensions . A number of network brass were there as well as the cast members and important crew.

During the lunch, a production assistant went looking for this now deceased A+ in his time original cast member who was known for being a bit out of control  and found him in the kitchen with his pants round his ankles vigorously humping the cake that was to be served later.  

The cake was indeed served later to the unaware network people although the A+ cast member did warn most of his fellow cast members not to eat it.

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