Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Minister

 I have written several times over the years about different male celebrities/singers/actors who all wanted to start their own cult. It wasn't so much to make money, but to be worshipped as a leader and a God while having sex with a bunch of young groupies/fans. As of late, I have also written about an offspring of an A+ lister who seemingly is not just in it for the sex but also to make some money. This blind today though is about this former A list celebrity who also had her own reality shows and did some acting and had a sex tape or seven. She says what she is offering to the masses is her own religion. She isn't forcing expensive courses on you and most people on the planet would probably be scared to have sex with her. She just preaches for hours and hours each day, while looking high on something. It seems utterly crazy, but she is pulling in about $50K a month from her "parishioners."

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