Friday, June 18, 2021

Blind Item 2 - Old Hollywood

This story comes from a friend who does stand-up and has told this story on stage. When she was a kid, maybe seven or eight, she was at an amusement park and waiting to get on a ride. Who gets on the ride with her? This permanent A+ list singer/actress and two of the actress/singer's two children.  The singer was strapped into the ride next to the storyteller who was the kid. Our singer/actress hurled all over the kid from the motion of the ride. The most amazing thing, she said, was that our singer/actress was in an all white outfit - slacks, sweater and shoes - and didn't get anything on herself but it went all over the kid. Our singer just said, "Sorry, kid" and walked off with her kids when the ride was over. Her mother tried as best she could to clean her clothes off from a water fountain, but could only do so much, I guess. It ruined her night at the amusement park, but if that wasn't bad enough, she was mortified when they headed for home. Outdoors and by the ocean, it might not have seemed to smell so bad but when they started to get in the car, her father said to her mom, "Get a beach towel to cover her up, get her clothes off, and toss 'em - get rid of them. We can't have 'em in the car because they smell like puke and you can never get rid of the smell of puke."

Her mother hesitated, though: "But, but, but, I can't do that. I mean, it's ____________'s puke."

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