Friday, June 18, 2021

Four For Friday - 90210 Or Melrose Place

Were the perpetrators of this horrible behavior on 90210 or Melrose Place. Bonus points for getting the actor/actress. No reboots here.

#1 - This actress who has also done reality, orally serviced her co-star while he was on speaker with his newlywed wife. They later divorced.

#2 - This actress is way more known for daytime television. She has an Emmy win/nomination for that. She caused a huge scandal on the show when she was caught in a weekend drug/sex fest with a producer. It cost her a main role and also ended her marriage.

#3 - Even though they ended up together for a couple of years, this actress says she was plied with alcohol and was date raped by her co-star on their first date.

#4 - If you wanted to hook up with this actress, you had to be willing to do it with your microphone live. She did that so guys would stop hitting on her. One actor said the condition was fine, so they ended up hooking up and the whole cast and crew got to listen.

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