Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Kindness

There is no special title, just the word kindness. I frequently get asked about this former A list singer and have shared several stories of her kindness towards me and others close to me. This is not about that, but about how kind and caring a person can be. She played a show and afterwards was signing autographs and posing for actual real photos that people took with cameras. One of the first people in line that stretched to nearly a hundred was a tweener girl in a wheelchair. She didn't really need the wheelchair to walk, but recently had chemo and was exhausted. She had lost her hair to the chemo and was incredibly excited to meet her idol. The singer probably took about 15 minutes talking to the girl and then the girl stood and posed for photos and got several things autographed. During the conversation, the singer discovered that because of losing her hair and the need sometimes to be in a wheelchair, kids at the school of the girl teased and taunted her mercilessly. 

Two or three weeks later, our singer showed up at the house of the girl and offered to accompany her to school. The parents knew and the school knew, but not the girl or anyone else at school. There was no press. There was nothing to draw attention to the situation. Our singer went to school with the girl and stayed with her the entire day through every class and lunch. The singer introduced herself as the cousin of the girl. The girl had the day of her life and was never teased or taunted by kids at school again. 

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