Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The New Rock Stars

Rock stars and underage women are not a new combination and there are a pair of rock stars who became famous in the past twenty or so years, who have continued to add to that tradition. Both approached either A or A- list at their height, and both came up around the same time. Both these incidents came before the height of each rock star's fame. 

The first is the most famous member of a three named band that is arguably A list. He is as known for his ex wife as he is his music. Few people know, however, that in his earliest days of recording with the band, that he actually dated a girl who was not even of driving age when he was in his mid-twenties. No one seems to talk about this in his dating history when they would rather talk about the famous women he dated.

That's also the same of this foreign born singer who reached  A- list with his band, one with an inspiring name and an association with a much hated film franchise. Long before he became famous and started dating celebrity offspring, he would troll AOL boards, looking for nudes from fans. He didn't care if you were underage or not, though he would apparently just ask for breast shots and not push for full nude if you were.

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