Thursday, December 30, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Reader Blind - The Author

What the foreign born permanent A+ list author has said about this community publicly is only the tip of the iceberg. She would like to go further, but she risks losing more than just half her fanbase if she does. At least one of the main actors in her current film series has indicated that they will quit if she makes any more comments about this community, which would be a disaster for a series which has already lost one of its big draws. The studio has so far resisted calls to explicitly disavow her statements, but they have compromised in a way as both the upcoming reunion of the actors from the original film series and promo material for the next film are distancing themselves from her.

Our author believes it should be illegal for people to change their gender, even socially. She does not believe in gender dysphoria and believes the majority of male to female transgender people are fetishists who transition just to gain access to women's spaces. As for female to male people, she thinks they only transition because they feel uncomfortable as women in a patriarchal society. Her beliefs are nothing new either. One of the major plot devices in one of her earlier books touches on the subject in a humorous, young adult friendly fashion.

The transgender community is not the only minority she has difficulties with. She has also objected to the casting of a person of color as one of the leads in a separate adaptation, even though she was publicly supportive of it. She didn't want to incorporate too many characters of color in her books as she thought they would be out of place in the setting. Several of them originally had "white" names, and she reluctantly changed them only when the publisher suggested she would sell more if she made the books more ethnically diverse.

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