Saturday, January 01, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #41

November 15, 2021

Back in the very very early days of the blog, I had a blind about this former A/A- list female singer who was an A list reality star and comes from a singing family. The blind was about her trying to find a guy to have a baby with and her celebrity friend was helping her, but I think he was more interested in finding a guy for himself. Later on I found out more about it, but never wrote about it. It was such a bizarre story, but heard it from a then employee of the celebrity friend. A year or maybe two after I wrote it, I was at a birthday dinner at a friend's house. One of the guests was the singer. We both knew the host really well and had been friends with the host forever, but for some reason the singer and I had only met once or twice and it wasn't through our mutual friend. Anyway, the singer was drinking and getting a little plastered. A very very fun plastered. I had to ask. I had to know the details on this whole thing. Apparently it was at the request of the celebrity friend. He was having trouble finding guys who he hadn't hooked up with or heard about and wanted something new. He wanted her in on it and to use the pretense of wanting a baby, to find guys. I know, it really makes no sense, but they were also drunk when they came up with the idea. They also decided they couldn't do it in Los Angeles because the idea was he wanted guys he had not seen or met and she would be less well known there. I know, but then again, that was the thinking. They placed an ad in Craigslist and used her phone number. Well, that lasted about 30 minutes before they deleted the ad and then went an got a new phone number they used just for the ad. She said the whole thing was ridiculous because they were sitting in a suite of this hotel downtown and were they going to invite the guy over? To them it sounded innocent, but to guys who saw the ad, they thought it was an escort trying to find clients. They did eventually meet a couple of guys in the bar downstairs, but nothing really ever happened with anyone she said. Fast forward about six months from the birthday dinner party. We see each other again at a party for some store opening and she says she has a confession. She asked if I remembered what we spoke about at the birthday dinner. I said yes, and she said she didn't remember everything because she was kind of out of it, but she said that she did actually hook up with a military guy she met there, but wanted to keep it quiet. She says he had no idea who she was and she wore a black wig. She didn't say whether he responded to the ad or they just met in the bar, and I didn't ask.

Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves

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