Saturday, January 01, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #40

November 9, 2021

It was not really a love triangle, and this actually involved more than three people, but I like the name, so I kept it. I need you to go back in time just a bit. I want you to think about all the hype and screaming and click bait articles printed about this movie franchise. There was a mania. People were traveling internationally just to try and get a glimpse of the stars. For most of the time, they were protected on a set, but when not shooting, they stayed in a hotel right in the center of this downtown metropolis. The budget for the movie, despite being a blockbuster, was small. Sharing the same accommodations was the cast of this rebooted television show. The cast of the television show had been coming to town just as long as the movie people, but the movie people shot as quickly and cheaply as possible and bailed. There was definitely partying between cast members of the two productions. At the center of it all was a member of the television cast. She was probably A- list then, but has dropped much further down the list. She comes from a celebrity family. Whenever I would hang out with her, it was strictly a lunch thing. I couldn't keep up with her partying. One Sunday, we are having brunch together and she is massively hungover. She begins to tell me that it was a normal Saturday night party thing. This foreign born A list mostly movie actor had a big room in the hotel, but would always go to the room of our television actress because her kitchen/dining room was laid out differently and he thought it was better for hanging out. Plus, no one could find him there, because he didn't let people know who he was partying with. The only other person he liked to party with is this actress who is probably B/B- list now and was barely B+ list when she was in the movie. The two of them would usually get drunk and maybe do a little coke and then have sex in the bed of the television actress, before joining her for a long slow night of drinking. The night before though, there had been a little twist. The room directly next to the television actress was occupied with an actor who at the time was probably A- list. He has also slid down the list. There came some noises from the room that were obviously sex. So, the trio silently sat there drinking while listening. Our television actress assumed it was the fiancé of the actor joining him for the weekend. They had been together since he cheated on his first wife with her. No one really thought it could be anyone else. Nearing midnight, they all decided to run down to the wine store that was just outside the front entrance. It was dark, and the movie actor wanted a cigarette. So, they all went out the door to the hotel room and walk right into this married alliterate actress leaving the room where the sex had just occurred. This was not the betrothed. The trio just walked away and went on about their business. When they come back about thirty minutes later, both the alliterate actress and the actor with whom he had been making loud noises, kindly asked the trio to not say anything to anyone. They didn't except to friends, but somehow the fiancé found out. Oh, they still got married, but the actor left the show a couple of months after this, and never came back.

Twilight/90210/AnnaLynne McCord/Robert Pattinson/Ashley Greene/Lori Loughlin/Rob Estes

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