Saturday, January 01, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #10

July 14, 2021

These two actors were really great friends. You wouldn't know it by looking at them, or their careers, but they shared a lot of great times. When they met, the senior of the pair was nearly two decades older and coming off a run as the lead in a television show that is still known today, after fifty years. Our younger actor, foreign born, wasn't an actor yet, but was living next door to this at the time A lister. Our A lister was married, but no one was sure where his wife was at the time, because she sure wasn't at this beach house. It was the A lister and his new found friend who would go on to be an A list dual threat actor who got was equally great in prime time, late night, or in the movies. The pair would get high together every night and because the A list was at his peak, he would call women to join them. There would sometimes be as man as a dozen women, just for the two men. Even when the younger of the pair also became A list, the two would get together as often as possible to sit in a hot tub overlooking the ocean while getting high.

Larry Hagman/I Dream Of Jeannie/Phil Hartman/Maj Axelsson

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