Saturday, January 01, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #43

November 17, 2021

All too often everyone is looking in one direction and want so much for that thing to be true, that they see things that are not there. Because of that, there is a reason why this former A++ lister has never really tried to shoot down the story of a love child that one side of the aisle desperately wants to be true. I'm not sure why it would matter at this time if it were true or not. The story just gets circulated though. It is there and then dies and then some bit of news or a television show brings it back. A new wave of accusations emerges, but everyone loses interest. While everyone looks at the recycled story, no one bothers to look at the real love child. The child which is a shocker. The child who can make history in the future. You have to go back in time. When the former A++ lister was running, there were all kinds of whispers, but no one whispered about this one celebrity. Oh, sure, later in life they did for sure. At that time though, they saw each other as much as possible and is the reason why she had two extremely fast marriages, even by Hollywood standards. The marriages were cover, but they just got in the way. Fast forward to the reason the second marriage ended, and it is because she was pregnant and it was not with her then husband's baby. She then disappeared for a year or so before entering once again into the life of the former A++ lister until he left office. After he left office, he kind of blew her off because it was easier for him to hook up with many women. The child was raised by a sibling and is now entering politics.

Bill Clinton/Eleanor Mondale

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