Saturday, January 01, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Old Hollywood

August 12, 2021

Not a lot is known about her. Everyone knows about her friend, the foreign born permanent A list movie actress was at one point the highest paid actress in the world. She only received one Oscar nomination  though. She was married to the same man for over fifty years. What about the woman who was by her side for decades? That woman was the "wife" of the husband of our actress. Our actress was interested in her husband, but also others. So, she found a mistress for her husband. The thing is though, the mistress always had to be in the shadows. She was nearly always hidden. She lived a secret life for decades and it slowly drove her mad. When the actress and her husband could no longer deal with it, they had the woman committed to an asylum where she lived for a couple of decades and underwent all manner of horrible treatments, drugs and electroshock therapy. When she did finally die, the actress and her husband made up a birthdate for the woman that was not real, but marked the day when our actress changed studios.

Marlene Dietrich/Rudolf "Rudi" Sieber/Tamara Matul

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