Saturday, January 01, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #31

September 20, 2021

Everyone thinks this feud started after the show ran its course or after one of the movies. Nope. It started way back around Emmy time nearly two decades ago. The actress star of the show changed the face of the awards that year. She talked the powers that be into dumping huge amounts of money into For Your Consideration campaigns. Much more money than had ever been spent before. Our actress made sure the vast majority went to her from her show, but also picked one of her co-stars to get some money too. She explicitly told the powers that be to not spend any money on a different co-star. It was at an after party that night after our actress and the co-star she favored won awards that the one who had zero money spent on her was advised of that by a different co-star who didn't really care because she was literally shocked she had even been nominated. Well, the other co-star went ballistic and the party for the channel which had been festive started turning ugly because there were other winners and losers from the channel and everyone wanted to know if something similar happened on their shows and award campaigns.

Sex And The City/Sarah Jessica Parker/Cynthia Nixon/Kim Cattrall/Kristin Davis/HBO

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