Friday, March 18, 2022

Four For Friday - Unexpected Casting Couch

 #1 - This A- list actress all of you know has a really big side gig and does not have an Oscar. She once slept with this married A+ list mostly movie actor to get an arc on a television show he was producing.

#2 - This A- list actress has been on multiple hit shows, one of which turned into a movie franchise. She once told this alliterate B list actress who has slept with an A++ lister that she could get the actress a role if she slept with our A- lister. The B list actress did as asked and then was burned.

#3 - I suppose, considering the tool that he is, that this is not unexpected. He did not succeed because his bluff was called by this A- list three named actress who already had a part locked in. The A list actor has not forgiven her to this day for having the studio executive join the call on speaker.

#4 - This celebrity is A list. All of you know her. She used to be really high on the list as an actress, until she wasn't. She had a big crash and burn and the only way she ended up getting roles that got her back up to A+ list was for a solid two years, she slept with any man who could give her that next role.

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