Thursday, March 17, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Cheat

Usually cheating stories are just in the small blinds. There are far too many to really be considered all that important. This one is different though. It isn't even that these people are anyone you have necessarily heard of, but it will be big news. Huge news. How will it be huge news if not many people know the players? Because it is just the kind of thing that talk show hosts will love discussing. Until the last couple of days, I wasn't 100 percent convinced that there was cheating. Then, my spy said wait until an event this week when the wife will go to the event. Watch what the husband does. Apparently there is a rule in the house that when the wife goes to an event, the husband gets a babysitter and does what he wants because he is with them all day. So, every time the wife goes to an evening event, the husband has been seeing someone. This week, the event was out of town, so the husband had extra time with the woman he has been hooking up with and he was spotted at her home. The husband is married to someone who is probably A- list BUT only if you pay very very close attention to social media and the news. That last name you will know though. Now, that would get some airplay because of who the A- lister is relate to, but combine that with the last name of the woman that the husband is hooking up with and you have a crazy firestorm of gossip.

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