Friday, May 06, 2022

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver was instructed to pick up the A+ actor at the departure level of LAX and go “as directed”. The actor was in town from New York to shoot a movie with another iconic New York actor. It would contain their first scene together. The driver pulled up to the curb and waited. He was excited and anxious to meet the quirky actor. The actor finally appeared with an Asian American woman and seemed reluctant to get into the car. The lady opened the door and did all the talking. The actor climbed into the car scrutinizing the driver. “Just drive us down to the lower-level short term parking. He has a rental car down there.,” the lady said. The actor sat silently as the driver drove him to the rental car, a black BMW. The actor mumbled a thankyou and got out. The lady told the driver to take her to a location in Coldwater Canyon. “Which way are you going?  It would be so awesome to beat him up there. He’s a 405 to Sunset kind of guy,” the lady said. “Oh, I can take the streets and beat him by 15 minutes,” the driver said. The woman giggled with glee and dialed the actor. “He says he can beat you up there by 15 minutes.”  “No fucking way” the driver heard the actor say. She hung up and smiled at the driver. “This will drive him batshit crazy,”. Challenge accepted, The driver punched it and took every shortcut he knew through Culver City and Beverly Hills. The woman,  the actor’s personal assistant, continued calling him and reporting their progress. The driver could hear the actor cursing through the phone. Sure enough, the driver reached the house in Coldwater Canyon well ahead of the actor. The assistant high fived him, “Well done!” she said.  As the driver was rolling back down the canyon he passed the actor in the black BMW speeding up the hill. The actor gave him a one-fingered wave.  

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