Thursday, May 05, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Kingpin

 This A list mostly movie actor thinks of himself as the kingpin of trafficking from third world countries and acts like a big shot and has bodyguards and usually wears body armor because he thinks so many people are out to kill him and take over his business. He is a rank amateur compared to the real kingpin other than the one African religious guy who deals with numbers in the thousands. No one is going to beat that guy. Our actor has to settle for what he can get, while the real kingpin is in the same business, but is trusted and known and has a faced everyone recognizes and loves. She has filled two planes with moms and kids and they are now scattered all over the world where most will be forced to marry the person they were "housed" with. The single women went for a much higher rate than women with kids, but all have been sold.

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