Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Crazy Year

It is often assumed that the A list editor's crush for the foreign born soccer player has been her biggest crush. Not even close. There is the tennis loving A+ list mostly movie actor she also loves, but there was one year, the crazy year of the Met, that she would not stop flirting and touching this A list mostly movie actor who she hit on every time she saw him and tried desperately to get him interested in her. Because she was acting so out of character, maybe that is what got the gala off the rails that year.

It was a time when there were more models and socialites than off the street celebrities attending. This was the year that set the celebrity appearances in motion. There was a huge argument because the editor wanted this designer to dress her favorite Brazilian model and the designer had a celebrity in mind but backed down. This A- list rapper peer pressured the crap out of a pair of barely legal actresses into doing coke with her right there at the Gala. 

It was the year one of my friends decided her husband really was the a-hole we had been telling her he was, but she was sticking it out for the kids. Well, when he hit on this A- list actress who has a husband in the news lately, she was done. The designer I mentioned earlier had his hand out to an offspring of the wealthy family that seemingly pops up here. The designer had cash flow problems and the heiress wanted some attention from an attractive young man. The designer tells her he is gay and she basically said if you want the money, you have to earn it. My friend doesn't remember if they even talked much more the rest of the night, so the chances he hooked up with her that night or in the future, seems low.

A hookup that did happen that night was between this A+ list mostly movie actor who is still A+ list today, and this A list mostly movie actress who had not yet met her current husband. Our actor, who came with his wife got his wife intentionally drunk so she would have to go back to their hotel alone.

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