Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Time Slip

This former A list mostly movie actress and now does really good television, once asked me at a party years ago whether I had ever heard the story of this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee about one of the films of the actress. She wouldn't give me specifics because she was drunk at the moment and didn't want me to think it was some kind of drunken tale. 

We each forgot about it and when I did ask about it, she said it was silly and I didn't pursue it. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I finally got to hear the story. Apparently the Oscar winner/nominee makes it a point to ask any actress who filmed in the same location if they had a similar experience as she. To my knowledge and to the actress who shared the story, there have been no others. However, and this a very big however, or Oscar winner/nominee was allowed unprecedented access which none of the other actresses questioned, were given.

Our Oscar winner/nominee always prefaces her account by saying it was probably just a dream. She was wearing period costumes and shooting at the location for weeks and it was probably nothing. She then tells the story where she is dressed as her character and took a step through a door and suddenly was in the same spot hundreds of years previously and looking at her character in real life. The actress said it lasted no longer than 15-20 seconds and didn't happen again while she was shooting and had not happened prior to that. She has never gone public with it, but has spent considerable time talking to guides and other experts on the place. She knows of course about one incident that happened outside, but hers happened inside. Most of the other actresses she has spoken to, filmed outside which is why she wanted to know if they had the same experience. She was particularly interested in what my actress friend had to say, but she was barely allowed to shoot at the location so didn't have much time there.

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