Monday, January 09, 2023

Blind Item #7

Dancing With The Devil - Part Two - LINK

We can't talk about our damaged former child star Bayley Blue without mentioning Spin King. Bayley Blue was subjected to horrific abuse and trafficking by Spin King in exchange for roles and industry connections, one of the first being Mr. Shazam (who still blackmails the star with footage of him being forced to sleep with one of his underage-at-the-time costars who ahs quit the industry). Bayley Blue was only 14/15 when Spin King first came into his life and began to ruin it. Spin King and Mr. Shazam raped Bayley Blue so badly and frequently that on one occasion he had a crippling attack of diarrhea at the premiere of one of his kids movies. But it gets even worse, because Spin King then sold Bayley to none other than his BFF, Lion King, a notorious abuser, user and hot mess. Prolific pedo Lion King's other victims include the Boys Who Couldn't Be Found, the Boy Who Rose From the Ashes, and the Boy Who Was The Client, as well as others whose names and stories have been lost to history. From ages 15 to around 25, Bayley Blue was top trade at Lion King's sex parties, and was sold to, I'm told, at least 300 male bigwigs, most of whose names you won't know, except the infamous Vice City, whose house of cards is finally tumbling down. And yes, the Music Man with the huge child trafficking ring was also involved. It's a miracle that Blue escaped without a House in Virginia. For many years Blue has struggled with addictions to coke, pills, heroin and violent sex. There's also the suicide attempts. Karma is a bitch though, because Spin King is at death's door from the disease Bayley Blue is battling. He won't make 2024. Don't expect Blue to talk though, not until Spin King and Mr. Shazam are in the ground. The last whippersnappers who attempted to speak out were suicided with some bad heroin. Unfortunately, Bayley Blue is in a really bad place. I don't even have to tell you. Check the track marks. Check the scratch marks. Pray for him.

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