Monday, March 13, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Oscar Or Car Freshener?

In a recent interview, an Oscar winner was asked about his "Lost Oscar" from last summer when his automobile got stolen by teenagers. In the interview, he goes on to say that he was scared and relieved to get it back as soon as the police tracked down his vehicle and apprehended the underage suspects who took the vehicle. The vehicle and the Oscar statuette were eventually recovered intact, without any damage. The Oscar winner's story sounded like it all happened on the same day.

What people didn't know is that the Oscar statuette was in his vehicle for 3 days before his vehicle got stolen. The Oscar winner brought the Oscar with him to a City Hall ceremony where he received the keys to the city with the Mayor of his hometown on a Thursday. After the ceremony with the Mayor, the Oscar winner left his Oscar statuette in the backseat of his vehicle, where it remained for the next three days until his vehicle got stolen on a Saturday. 

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