Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #25

February 9, 2023

I didn't think I would be writing this blind item for another year, but one of the guys who was caught up in the death of the former singing actor, got off probation a year early. It was already crazy that a guy facing a decade in jail for possession of child p**n and also distributing it to various local and statewide elected officials and government employees, got zero jail time, but that he gets off probation early too? 

He was arrested shortly after the singing actor died. As I have said before, the singing actor had a lot of first time ever seen child p**n and then it showed up on the computer of the guy who just completed his probation. As far as I know, that was the only arrest made that was in any way connected to the singing actor. The guy arrested was using his government computer to send all of this out. None of the people he was sending it to were charged. Zero. Oh, did I mention this guy was in charge of finding good homes for children to be adopted? How many of the children ended up in the homes of celebrities or politicians? Were those same celebrities and politicians on his email distribution list? You know he didn't say anything which is why he had to serve zero jail time. None. The county wanted this closed and people to forget about it and forget about there were people on the other end of those emails and the other end of the server. 

Mark Salling

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