Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Blind Items Revealed #42

March 24, 2023

#1 - Considering how many drugs this foreign born A list singer of an A list metal band did, he was lucky he lived as long as he did. Usually he had no problems smuggling meth across international borders, but there was a tip that when they crossed the border after a show they were performing that night, they were all going to be strip searched. He was told to throw away his drugs, but instead, he decided to use all he had, which was a lot. To speed up the process, he just put the powder in a spoon and started spooning it in throughout the day and evening and even during the show. He says he stayed awake for five days and has no memory of any of it, but they didn't find any drugs at the border crossing which he doesn't remember, but they did strip search the entire group and crew.

#2 - The permanent A list singer of a permanent A list band, would often start shows late until he could find a vein to inject heroin. He says he is clean now. Uh huh.

#3 - All of the members of this three named punk band would get wasted and then take turns drinking the urine of the other members of the group.

#1 - Lemmy/Motorhead

#2 - Steven Tyler/Aerosmith

#3 - New York Dolls

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